Vaxxed- MMR study fraud…

Trace Amounts!!  One of the best vaccine documentaries out there!

A good documentary!  Truth About Vaccines 2015

Great little intro video that touches on many of the main points of concern about vaccines:

Documentary:  Autism Made in the USA- (treatment options discussed to heal from autism!)

Dr. Sara Bridges is a doctor who was compensated for her child’s vaccine-induced autism:

Hannah Polling’s which they say the MMR didn’t cause her autism, but resulted in it. Oh, okay.

Sketch Drawing About MMR/ Vaccine/ Vaccine Court.  Great, short video!

Documentary:  Silent Epidemic

Documentary following the journey of a high school cheerleader who got the HPV vaccine:


Circumcision.  If you wouldn’t give your baby a nose job or remove his ear lobe, why would you remove a beneficial part of his genitals?  His genital appearance can be decided by him once he becomes an adult, he and his wife can decide if he wants to be circumcised or not.  This surgical procedure affects the baby’s brain and has no real health benefits.

Herd Immunity doesn’t work.  Many vaccines last 2-5 years at best.  So unless their “95%” of the population is getting boosters every 2 years to keep up on immunity, herd immunity can’t work.  Most people born before the measels vaccine was introduced have lifelong immunity!  Because they acquired measels naturally, which equals lifelong immunity!  My Incredible Opinion…