Ultrasound is extremely dangerous to the unborn child:  http://www.naturalnews.com/028853_ultrasound_fetus.html#ixzz4OPZYqeAn

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Please understand that early ultrasounds are directly related to miscarriages. There are studies showing that there is higher incidence of miscarriage in women who have early ultrasounds. Ultrasounds have never been proven safe, and there is a huge body of mounting evidence that there are risks. We know that ultrasound can move things. We know that ultrasound can be used to break up things like kidney stones. There is just too much at stake to be doing these things without a compelling medical reason in which the benefits outweigh the possible risks. If any risky procedure is done, it should be done because the results will guide the actions that need to be taken. If there is no action that would be taken when finding the results of the ultrasound, then there is no justification for doing the ultrasound. Please, I beg of you, for the safety of your baby, avoid ultrasounds.

Quote from AIMS, Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services, the UK group.
Miscarriage – a randomised trial of over 9,000 women revealed 20 miscarriages after 16-20 weeks in the ultrasound group, none in the controls.
A randomised trial of 2,475 women exposed to routine Doppler ultrasound examination of umbilical and uterine arteries at 19-22 weeks and 32 weeks reported a fourfold increase in perinatal deaths of normally formed infants in the exposed group (16 v 4).
Research from Norway revealed an increase in children who are left handed. This effect is a result of alterations to the structure of the brain. Because ultrasound research into possible long term effects is almost non-existent one can only speculate whether or not ultrasound is the cause of the increase in ADHD, dyslexia, and other similar conditions.”
“The full reference for the study is as follows for anyone who would like to look it up:  Saari-Kemppainen et. al. Ultrasound Screening and Perinatal Mortality:controlled trial of systematic one-stage screening in pregnancy, The Lancet, 1990, vol 336, pp 387-391.”