Window & Glass Cleaner

This is so much fun!  And I have to say, I think this stuff works better (or at the least, as good as) conventional window cleaners.  I really like that this gives me a streak free shine and a fresh scent too.  I use it on all my glass, windows, and to shine my appliances.  The smell of ‘regular’ window cleaners is one of the most awful smells for me, I can’t stand that stuff!  Try this instead:

Step One: Put white vinegar in a spray bottle

Step Two: Add 7-10 drops of your favorite scent of essential oil- I use lemon!  Ahhh, the lemon is so… pleasant.

Step Three: Spray on your new window cleaner, then wipe off for a sparkling surface!  Note:  At first when you start to wipe, it may appear cloudy and foggy.  I actually like this foggy surface, makes me feel like it’s really cleaning.  Wipe a little more and the fog clears right up.

Vinegar is a fantastic household cleaner with a lot of uses, but a lot of people, including me, don’t like the smell of vinegar.  That’s why I add a few drops of scented essential oil.  Smells so yummy, doesn’t smell ‘vinegary’ at all.  This saves me money too, having a cheap homemade substitute that I can mix up myself.


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