Moisturizing Salt Scrub

Want to wash your hands with something that’s not harsh and leaves your hands moisturized instead of dry?!  Got 5 minutes to make it homemade?!  Then this is for you!

Sea Salt Scrub:

–Mix 1/2 cup Sea Salt with
–1/4 cup Olive Oil (or oil of your choice), and
–15 drops Essential Oil of your choice

Stir, put in a nice jar, enjoy for handwashing or give away as gifts!

–Some essential oils are strong and don’t need as many drops (cinnamon is one I figured out).
–Other essential oils aren’t as strong and you could add more (lemon, tangerine, orange).
–If you want to make a Lavender Vanilla Scrub, use 1 tsp of vanilla along with 15 drops of lavender essential oil.  This is a great flavor to make!
–I also really like lemon tangerine!
–If you want to still have ‘soap’ in your handwash, you can mix in some liquid soap also!

If you want the printable that I used on these jars, just email me and I’ll send them your way for free!  Thanks to my hubby for designing them!
DSCN7183DSCN7182DSCN7185DSCN7191A friend of mine made them as end-of-year teacher gifts, so pretty!…


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