Homemade Foundation (Make-Up)

I tried making homemade foundation a couple of weeks ago. After some tweaking, I’m happy with the results!

Two Ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Powder!
Compared to an ingredient list on conventional liquid foundation, I’m happy! Who wouldn’t want to rub Shea Butter on their face every day?!

I will say… it takes about an hour for the smell of cocoa to dissipate, kind of smells like you’re wearing a chocolate cake for the first 60 minutes. But the Shea Butter is so nourishing! And for $6.29 I have enough foundation for more than a year (years?)

And as always, my favorite part of using natural products in my home is that should there be an emergency and a child decides to play with/ eat my product, it’s perfectly fine! Not desirable, but perfectly fine!
If you choose to make your own, the instructions are incredibly simple. Mix a tiny bit of cocoa into some shea butter until smooth. Start with the tiniest amount of cocoa (maybe even consider a lighter powdered ingredient if you’re really fair skinned). It only takes a tiny bit of cocoa to color the shea butter. Add more cocoa if you need it darker. Add in more shea butter if you need it lighter. It will rub in lighter than it appears in the jar.


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