Bug Repellant

Commercial bug repellents are often bad for your skin and contain many unnatural and even harmful ingredients.  Most of us have heard about the pesticide DEET* which is in most insect repellents sold in the U.S, and can cause permanent neurological damage.  Well, if you’re like me, you want to avoid any and all unnatural chemicals.  We don’t want to breathe them and we certainly don’t want to put them directly on our bodies.  This is a fantastic alternative!  And it’s so fun to share with others if you’re out walking, picnicking, camping, etc!  I always keep it handy when we’re headed outdoors!

DSCN9315Homemade Bug Repellent!
Small glass bottle (I don’t recommend plastic for essential oils)
-Fill with pure, filtered water
-Add about 20 drops Citronella Essential Oil
-Add about 15 drops Lemongrass Essential
-(You could also add 15 drops of Tea Tree Oil if you have it on hand)
–Spray on skin to avoid all those nasty mosquito bites!

I’d rather have the bug bites than use that conventional stuff that contains cancer-causing ingredients!  This homemade recipe is sure to keep the bugs away AND keep those nasty toxins away!

– My old recipe called for using olive oil instead of water.  If you want a nourishing oil to rub into your skin, you can certainly use olive oil instead of water!

*NEVER use DEET on a child or infant’s skin.  Deet is currently used in over 230 products sold in the U.S.  Prolonged exposure to DEET has been shown to impair certain brain functions.  Damage to these areas may cause problems with muscle coordination, muscle weakness, walking, concentration, and memory.  “Abou-Donia says rats given even small doses of DEET for 60 days had a harder time accomplishing even the easiest tasks.” “We found that the combined exposure to DEET and other chemicals is more dangerous than just DEET alone.”  “With heavy exposure to DEET and other insecticides, humans may experience memory loss, headache, weakness, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, tremors and shortness of breath. These symptoms may not be evident until months or even years after exposure. The most severe damage occurs when DEET is used concurrently with other insecticides, such as permethrin, for prolonged and frequent periods of time.”  “However, frequent and long-term use of DEET, especially in combination with other chemicals or medications, could cause brain deficits in vulnerable populations, particularly children.”   Source:  http://www.quantumhealth.com/news/dangers_of_DEET.html


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