Baby Wipes and Solution

Regular baby wipes from stores are loaded with harmful ingredients.  Even if they don’t visibly cause problems with your child’s skin, they are still adding toxins to your child’s body.  And anytime you can reduce exposure to chemical ingredients (especially the strong smelling ones), the better.  Here’s what I do for homemade baby wipes!

For the Wipes:
Baby wash cloths are great to use.  Or if you sew, you can hem some 7×7 or 8×8 squares of fabric (flannel or other preferred fabric).  Or you can cut some baby blankets or baby towels into squares and wa-la, free homemade wipes!

For the Wipe Solution:
Dr. Bronner’s Option– My favorite recipe is to put 2-3 drops of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap (citrus and rose are my favorite scents) in some water, and that’s it!  Just add wipes!  (Dr. Bronner’s soap is very mild and is much safer for your baby’s skin than 99% of the other soaps out there.  You can buy little travel sized bottles of it for around $2.  Use it for baby’s bath time too!)

Tea Tree Oil Option– I’ve also used 2 drops tea tree essential oil diluted in water for my wipes (I don’t measure the water, just however much is needed to wetten all your wipes).

Oil– Some people also like to put a few drops of olive oil or almond oil in their water solution to act as a moisturizer, this works great too!

Getting Your Wipes Ready-To-Use:
Option One:  Get a gallon sized baggie.  Add one cup water or so and your chosen ingredient(s) from above.  Shake up the baggie a little, add a handful of dry cloth wipes.  You’re ready to go!  (Although I usually use a baggie, I plan on switching to a leak proof container or wet bag soon).  (If your wipes are still too dry, add more water).  Wipes will store for about a week, or perhaps a little less, when wet.  I usually prepare them each Sunday to take to church and then use the rest throughout the week.

Option Two:  Get a small spray bottle, fill with water and your other chosen ingredient(s) from above.  Grab a handful of dry cloth wipes.  You’re ready to go!  When it’s time to change baby’s diaper, spray your wipe to get it wet and then proceed to change your baby.  Don’t spray baby with the spray bottle, he/she probably won’t like it.  🙂


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