MRSA and How to Use a Super Powerful Antibiotic at Home:

If I had a dollar for every time someone says they have a “spider bite.”  … “A brown recluse spider bite.”

If you have a bump that is hard underneath and forms a white-head… it’s likely MRSA.  Nothing scary, just MRSA.  It’s actually very treatable!

Here is how to get rid of MRSA bumps every time…

1).  Always pop open a white-head.  ALL PUS MUST BE DRAINED.  Do not leave a white-head unattended.  It will get bigger and bigger and your skin will start to decay and turn black.  It will get OH SO painful.  Catch these little spots while they are LITTLE.  Use a very clean needle (from a safety pin is fine) and poke them.  BUT… stay VERY clean.  MRSA is contagious.  So scrub your hands, and the needle, and anything else that touched that area.

(If you are reading this and your spot is already large and painful, follow this same protocol.  Break open the spot at least once a day and clean it).

2). Clean the area well with soap and water.

3).  Several times a day, apply lavender essential oil.

4).  If you want to go the extra mile, apply manuka honey to the spot with the lavender.  Powerful.

5).  After treating a MRSA spot, keep it COVERED at all times.  A bandaid or taped gauze will suffice.

6). Shower daily to also keep MRSA at bay for a couple of months after a spot has appeared.  Once you get one, you are prone to getting them again.  Stay clean!

7). Consume a clove of garlic 2-3 times daily until spots are significantly gone.  Here is how to take garlic, the most powerful antibiotic there is!…

Garlic- A Powerhouse Antibiotic
-Crush (not chop) a clove of garlic.
-Coat it in honey.
-Swallow it down like a vitamin and then IMMEDIATELY…
-Eat something yummy to avoid the garlic upsetting your belly.  Do not try and consume raw garlic on an empty belly, it usually makes people feel BLAH for up to 30 minutes.