Maternity Blessings

Here is a neat homemade ministry that I thought might inspire some of you!  Feel free to copy the idea!

My friend Jen has blessed me twice (and countless others) with her neat little ministry.

She has two huge containers full of maternity clothes of all sizes.  When she hears someone is pregnant, she offers to let them root through her stash, pick out what they’d like to borrow, and then return the rest.

After our pregnancies (and post partum!) we return the clothes back to her.  Simple, fun, and frugal!

Pregnant friends and acquaintances never have to buy maternity clothes at all!  This has been a huge blessing to so many of us in the area!

And you probably know how expensive maternity clothes can be.  Only to turn around and wear them for just a few months.  There’s definitely sticker-shock for a first-time mom to see that a maternity shirt is going to run them $25 new.

So how did she grow her collection so large?  It started with just a few pieces that a friend had given to her when she was pregnant.  Jen is super thrifty and would find other maternity pieces at garage sales, thrift stores, and consignment sales for pennies on the dollar.  Often when people borrow 20 items, they end up returning 25 too!  So the stash just keeps on growing!  And there are all sizes in there, from small to 2XL.

She also does this for baby clothes 0-12 months because babies grow out of these so quickly.  She has boy bins and girl bins for each size category.  We borrow what we want, return them when we’re done.  If we stained or ruined something, we just throw in something else to give back.  She doesn’t keep tabs on what specific items everyone borrows, they often return the stash with extra anyway.  The bins keep growing!  (When I borrow items, I lay them all out on the floor and take a picture so I can remember which items I need to give back.  Most of them have her initials on the tag anyway though).

I told Jen if she ever moves away, I’m going to start my own maternity/ baby clothing ministry because this has been such a huge blessing to me.  So if no one in your circle of friends and family has this kind of ministry, consider starting one and let the blessings multiply!

Here is just one of Jen’s large bins of maternity clothing, left at a friend’s doorstep!