What I Buy at the Grocery Store

I’ve had the honor of taking quite a few friends now to my fave grocery store and showing them what I buy and why. People are always so curious how our family eats/ what we eat.  So I just let them look in my cart and show them! Here is a follow-up email I sent my friend that recently went shopping with me (in case you’re wondering too).  🙂

So if you want to eat healthier without increasing your grocery budget to $700 a month!!…

I would still buy all meat, produce, and dairy (if any!) organic, grass-fed, etc.

But… to save money for now, you could get some of this stuff conventional if you had to…
rice, beans, lentils, grains/ flour, oats and the following produce: pineapple, watermelon, asparagus, avocado.

It’s a balancing act. You want to get non-gmo foods and you want to get healthy foods. But you also have a budget and your family’s finances to consider. The link below is a great list to tell you top things you should definitely buy organic and then also cleaner produce that you could probably get conventional if you had to…. http://www.ewg.org/foodnews/list.php

I try to buy lettuce (to make lots of salads!), asparagus, pineapple, avocados, cilantro, and bananas at nearly every shopping trip. I don’t always, but I try. These are great superfoods for you!!

Other staples at our house that I buy in bulk or buy often:
-beans (pinto, black, garbanzo, lentils, split peas, etc),
-brown rice,
-spelt grains for flour,
-coconut oil,
-olive oil,
-local raw honey,
-real maple syrup- organic,
-raw agave nectar,
-celtic sea salt,
-lemons for lemon juice,
-frozen peas, frozen green beans,
-lots of carrots, onions, garlic cloves,
-flax seed, chia seeds,
-cashews, almonds, sunflower seeds,
-Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar,
-nutritional yeast,
-coconut/ palm sugar,
-coconut milk,
-lots of veggies,
-lots of fruits.
Oh, and whole grain spaghetti noodles, organic peanut butter, and organic tortilla chips.  🙂

All these foods above make up about 95% of our diet!

To avoid the majority of GMO foods, avoid: Soy, corn, canola, sugar, and dairy. Always buy organic with these to ensure you’re getting Non-GMO!! Of course, soy is not healthy even organically so we avoid it big time.

Happy Healthy Eating!


Easy Christmas Gift Idea!

Want to wash your hands with something that’s not harsh and leaves your hands moisturized instead of dry?!  Got 5 minutes to make it homemade?!  Then this is for you!

Sea Salt Scrub:

–Mix 1/2 cup Sea Salt with
–1/4 cup Olive Oil (or oil of your choice), and
–15 drops Essential Oil of your choice

Stir, put in a nice jar, enjoy for handwashing or give away as gifts!

–Some essential oils are strong and don’t need as many drops (cinnamon is one I figured out).
–Other essential oils aren’t as strong and you could add more (lemon, tangerine, orange).
–If you want to make a Lavender Vanilla Scrub, use 1 tsp of vanilla along with 15 drops of lavender essential oil.  This is a great flavor to make!
–I also really like lemon tangerine!
–If you want to still have ‘soap’ in your handwash, you can mix in some liquid soap also!

If you want the printable that I used on these jars, just email me and I’ll send them your way for free!  Thanks to my hubby for designing them!
DSCN7183DSCN7182DSCN7185DSCN7191A friend of mine made them as end-of-year teacher gifts, so pretty!…
WP_20140510_001(1)And she made them again this Christmas, aren’t these so pretty?!…
Candice's Button Jars

The Miracle of Baking Soda

I knew baking soda made a great household cleaner.  But recently, my hubby has been having fun (yes, you read that right, HE has been having FUN) using baking soda to remove what we thought were irremovable stains.  He said I HAD to post about it on this blog.  When my man wants a recipe or natural living thingy posted, he gets it, because rarely does he say that!

Here’s what he’s been cleaning lately (I have a newborn, thus the reason for all this man cleaning):

-White stovetop-  I thought our stovetop had scratches on it, not stains.  Since those “scratches” never wiped clean, I figured they were there to stay.  Wrong!  He agitated them with baking soda and a wet rag.  “Scratches” are GONE!  Wowzers!

-White Kitchen Bowls-  I had some bowls that had some rim stains on the bottom of them.  They never come clean in regular dish washing so I figured the stains were there to stay also.  Nope, baking soda, water, and a rag got them white again!

-Counter Tops-  Oh my, I was shocked by this one.  We have those cheap formica countertops.  They were pretty stained.  I was thinking it was time to get new countertops.  Nope, baking soda got ALL the stains out, super impressive!

Moral of the story:  Don’t buy expensive toxic chemicals at the grocery store to clean your home, just whip out the baking soda! 

Homemade Foundation (Make-Up)

I tried making homemade foundation a couple of weeks ago. After some tweaking, I’m happy with the results!

Two Ingredients: Shea Butter, Cocoa Powder!
Compared to an ingredient list on conventional liquid foundation, I’m happy! Who wouldn’t want to rub Shea Butter on their face every day?!

I will say… it takes about an hour for the smell of cocoa to dissipate, kind of smells like you’re wearing a chocolate cake for the first 60 minutes. But the Shea Butter is so nourishing! And for $6.29 I have enough foundation for more than a year (years?)

And as always, my favorite part of using natural products in my home is that should there be an emergency and a child decides to play with/ eat my product, it’s perfectly fine! Not desirable, but perfectly fine!
If you choose to make your own, the instructions are incredibly simple. Mix a tiny bit of cocoa into some shea butter until smooth. Start with the tiniest amount of cocoa (maybe even consider a lighter powdered ingredient if you’re really fair skinned). It only takes a tiny bit of cocoa to color the shea butter. Add more cocoa if you need it darker. Add in more shea butter if you need it lighter. It will rub in lighter than it appears in the jar.

Sea Salt Scrub!

Want to wash your hands with something that’s not harsh and leaves your hands moisturized instead of dry?!  Got 5 minutes to make it homemade?!  Then this is for you!

Sea Salt Scrub:

–Mix 1/2 cup Sea Salt with
–1/4 cup Olive Oil (or oil of your choice), and
–15 drops Essential Oil of your choice

Stir, put in a nice jar, enjoy for handwashing or give away as gifts!

–Some essential oils are strong and don’t need as many drops (cinnamon is one I figured out).
–Other essential oils aren’t as strong and you could add more (lemon, tangerine, orange).
–If you want to make a Lavender Vanilla Scrub, use 1 tsp of vanilla along with 15 drops of lavender essential oil.  This is a great flavor to make!
–I also really like lemon tangerine!
–If you want to still have ‘soap’ in your handwash, you can mix in some liquid soap also!

If you want the printable that I used on these jars, just email me and I’ll send them your way for free!  Thanks to my hubby for designing them!

Things I Don’t Do

In relation to health topics, here are some things we don’t do at our house.  I could write a lengthy article on each of the items listed below, but will let you do your own research!  Taking the time to research things doesn’t always sound exciting because I know you have a hundred other things to do and it can be time consuming.  But I’ve found that the more I research, the more the changes become part of my permanent lifestyle.  The changes last because I know all the reasons why I do what I do.

Most all these things I avoid like the plague, do your own research, but I hope you don’t keep blindly doing these things without adequate research!

In general, my problem with the medical system is that they treat symptoms and not the whole body.  A medical doctor is pretty much clueless on nutrition because the only thing they are taught in medical school is drugs.  (I even asked a family doctor once if there were any vitamins or supplements I could take for a specific ailment I was having and he said, “Honestly, I don’t know.  I don’t know anything about nutrition.  I was taught medicine and wouldn’t even know what to recommend to you if you’re looking to go the natural route.”  At least he was honest!  Like the time I had a Labor & Delivery nurse actually tell me that if I wanted a natural birth, “Don’t go to the hospital, they don’t have those there!”  The pharmaceutical companies pay for medicine to be taught in the universities.  They are not about to tell someone that they can get miracle Vitamin B17 by eating organic apple and peach seeds.  They are not about to tell you that vaccines can be dangerous.  That’s just not what they’re paid to do.  So if you want health from the inside out, avoiding conventional medicine/ conventional doctors should be top on your list.

Radiation– X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI’s, Mammograms, etc- There are some serious dangers of radiation, so unless it’s an emergency situation, I avoid these at all costs.  Dr. Mercola even has an article about how Mammograms cause breast cancer.

Medications– I always try natural remedies first.  So many medications are so hard on your body.  So many contain harmful ingredients.  Side effects are not just nuisances, they are your body crying out that there is serious harm being done.

Surgery-  So many people actually want surgery and go for unnecessary procedures.  Ugh, if only they knew how much damage they were doing.  Unless I had a major emergency on my hands, I would avoid all kinds of surgery at all costs.  God made your body with an amazing ability to self-heal and get cures through food, herbs, and nutrients.  Surgery should be for emergencies only, the way it used to be.  Breast augmentation, tonsils and adenoid removals, tubes in ears, weight loss surgeries, sterilization… all are most often chosen without fully realizing the dangerous risks involved, not just immediate risks, but long-term health risks, which can be very serious.  Of the big-hitters, the big assaults to your health, I put surgery at the top of the list.

Drugs and Interventions during labor- The c-section rate in this country is way out of hand, as high as 60% at some hospitals.  It should be more like 1%.  Aside from that, we have pitocin, epidurals, ultrasounds, laying on back during labor, episiotimies, fetal heart rate monitors that can be harmful, and so many more harmful interventions.  Few OB/GYN’s have even seen a dozen completely natural, unmedicated births!  This is outrageous.  Your sweet little baby is tiny, any drugs in your system are sure to affect him/her.  I do understand that in certain situations, medical interventions can save lives, and I’m so thankful for that.  But most often, all these interventions are unnecessary and harmful.

Antibiotics- These destroy the gut flora.  Our body has natural built-in methods to destroy bad bacteria.  Most often, rest and water (and some natural remedies if needed) will bring your body back to health if you’ve had an infection.  Antibiotics are handed out like candy.  I worked at a doctor’s office in college, I know.  Just about every single patient walked out with a prescription for antibiotics, I’m completely telling the truth.  There are many dangers of antibiotics, so I avoid them.  My children have never had antibiotics.  Fevers, by the way, are such a great way to destroy infection, your body knows how to really heat up to kill off bacteria.  Artificially bringing down that fever means you’re keeping your body from destroying the very bacteria that’s causing your problems.  Fevers, most often, are a good thing.

Fluoride- A known carcinogen.  We don’t use dentists who use fluoride, and we don’t do fluoride toothpaste.  NO fluoride!!

Mercury and Aluminum– Besides being in fish, mercury is still in the flu vaccine and traces of it in other vaccines, despite the CDC recognizing that it is extremely dangerous.  A flu shot that a 6month old baby gets has the same amount of mercury in it that a 6’5″ man will get, it’s not even adjusted for body size!  That is scary.  That is a LOT of mercury for a wee babe.  Aluminum is in most all vaccines and is a heavy metal neurotoxin that your body can’t excrete very well at all.  Injecting it into your body overloads your system with this highly toxic metal.  It builds up in your system over time and can cause severe neurological problems.  Aluminum is also in regular white table salt, conventional baking powder, regular deodorant, aluminum cookware, foil, and even regular dryer sheets.  If you buy bakery items/ crackers/ pretzels with baking powder in them, you can be sure there’s aluminum in your food.  Avoid both mercury and aluminum like the plague!

Tap Water (a chemical cocktail)- We only drink pure, filtered, reverse osmosis water.

Microwave – We don’t microwave our food but use a toaster oven instead.

Teflon– Teflon cookware and other teflon products (including Scotch Guard) are highly toxic.  I threw out all my teflon years ago and only use stainless steel or glass cookware now.

At the Grocery Store:
Before switching my family over to eating healthier, I had researched extensively about what kinds of junk was being put into our food.   By the way, it took me about TWO years to completely switch over from the normal American way of eating.  Take it slow, one change at a time!  After my research, I decided that I would no longer buy ANY products with the ingredients listed below.  You HAVE to read the ingredient lists on the back of every package!!  Click here to see why that is way more important than reading the “Nutrition Facts.”
I say NO to the following:
Hydrogenated or Partially-Hydrogenated Oils (talk about artery blocking)
MSG, monosodium glutanate, glutanate (big time neurotoxin)
Artificial Flavorings- BHA, BHT, TBHQ, etc
Artificial Colorings- red 5, lake 40, blue 5, etc
High Fructose Corn Syrup (this stuff is terrible for you!)
Artificial Sweeteners (aspartame, Equal, Nutrasweet, etc)- (also so bad for you!!)
Preservatives- sodium benzoate, etc (Food is not meant to last for years in your pantry).
Soy (soy lecithin, soybean oil, soy protein, etc)– Soy is a hormone disrupter and I try not to consume ANY soy at ALL.  I definitely don’t buy any soy products.  And unless you buy organic soy, you are most assuredly eating a GMO food.  Genetically Modified Organism- This food has been engineered and altered on a cellular level.  This is not a food that God created naturally, a big money hungry company manufactured it for profit.  Uck.

Sunscreen/ Lotions- Your skin is the largest organ your body has.  Sweat is excreted out to detoxify your system.  These same pores allow foreign material in.  Whatever you put onto your skin (lotions, ink, soaps, etc) is absorbed into your bloodstream within minutes.  This can add a heavy load of toxins to your system.  Our family has found it completely do-able, even in our hot climate, to wear clothing that will block sun so that we don’t burn and/or to be in shaded areas when needed to avoid burning.  If you must use a sunscreen, pick a product that gets a 0 or 1 rating on the Cosmetics Database.

Flame Retardants- Did you know most of your children’s pajamas are treated with flame retardants?  Ugh.  And our mattresses, couches, foam products, and even baby gear like boppy nursing pillows and head rests/ sleep wedges, etc.  Check the tags on items and avoid buying things that have been flame retardant treated!  (Pajamas that say they are snug fitting have not been treated with flame retardants.  Wool is naturally flame resistant.)

Store-Bought Household Cleaners– Even name brand “natural” household cleaners have more ingredients than I’d like.  So for most all my cleaning, I use baking soda, vinegar, and/ or Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds soap.  My rule of thumb is that if it smells strong (excluding vinegar!) or if it makes my nose kind of twitch, it’s probably not good for me and I don’t allow it in my house.

Body Care Products that contain Mineral Oil, Fragrances, Dyes- Again, a simple check of the ingredient list can assist you in choosing your products.  Also, I look up all my potential purchases on EWG’s Cosmetics Database.  I definitely avoid petroleum products which includes mineral oil, vasoline, and many others.  I do NOT want petroleum absorbed through my skin!!  Products with a lengthy ingredient list that you can’t even pronounce are products to avoid!

Chlorine- This means no chlorine bleach and no regular diapers (that are bleached with chlorine).  And I know I’ll be unpopular for saying this, but this means we also don’t do swimming pools… chlorine overload.  There’s a reason your eyes get all red and itchy when in chlorine.  Your body does NOT like it!  When at a hotel recently, I walked past the indoor pool and had to gasp for air, the smell was overwhelming.  Avoid chlorine as much as possible!  I think we’ll see more salt water pools showing up as many people are realizing the dangers of chlorine.

No, I don’t have it all together.  No, I don’t live a life of perfect health.  I wrestle with many things including the fact that I’m still trying to get my sugar intake down.  I buy some frozen foods at the health food store that aren’t nearly as nutritious as cooking from scratch.  We go to a restaurant on occasion.  I’m not even close to being as healthy as I’d like to be!  I’m not an expert either.  I’ve just spent time researching subjects that affect my family’s health so I can be the best Mama and wife that I can be.  I’ve made so many mistakes it’s not even funny.  I ate terrible the entire first 25 years of my life.  But I’m convinced that as we search for answers, we’ll learn and grow.  Knowledge comes with effort.

And you want to know what my most FAVORITE Bible verse is concerning food and health?…
“Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.”  Matthew 15:11

Products I Use

Some of you have asked what kinds of products I use in my home.  I walked through my house and made a list just so I could share with you…  🙂

Charlie’s Soap– laundry soap (Note:  I only use about 1/4 of what it calls for per load, thus stretching it pretty far!) (I do this with most all soaps, you can most often use way less than the recommended amount!)

White Vinegar by the gallon- I add this to my fabric softener dispenser in my washer for each load.  Works great!  No vinegar smell on clothes by the way in case you’re wondering!

Homemade Laundry Soap– I use this whenever I have a batch mixed up.

Soap Nuts- I have used soap nuts as laundry soap in the past and they have cleaned our clothes well.  But Charlie’s Soap (because I got a fantastic deal) and my homemade laundry soap are what I use more often.

Cloth Wipes for diaper care/ baby tushies (conventional disposable wipes contain a lot of chemicals)

Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap for handwashing

Homemade Salt Scrub for Moisturizing Hand Scrub (just recently made this and really like it!)

Homemade Deodorant- I have used this for about 5 years now, haven’t bought commercial deodorant in that long!  This works GREAT!

Peroxide Spray Bottle– random cleaning

Baking Soda– sink and toilet scrub

Coconut oil as a diaper ointment replacement

Unpetroleum Jelly for bad diaper rashes/ red tushies- Don’t use regular petroleum products!  Mineral oil, vasoline, and all the conventional diaper ointments out there are so unhealthy and bad for you!  Unpetroleum jelly is a healthier option when you need some healing tushie care.  UN-petroleum means NO petroleum on your baby’s tush!

Toothbrushes– Hubby uses a SoniCare.  The rest of use the old fashioned kind but I make sure to buy BPA-free ones.

Homemade Tooth Powder– We haven’t purchased regular toothpaste in over 5 years, we just use baking soda and sea salt with peppermint essential oil basically!

Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds for dish washing and for making homemade dishwasher detergent.  We put some of the concentrated Sal Suds in our own containers and greatly dilute.

I always wash my produce, all of it.  I either soak it or spray/scrub it with Apple Cider Vinegar (I buy this by the gallon, the cheap stuff) (The high quality Bragg’s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is what I use in recipes/ cooking only).  Produce does not come ready-to-eat (except maybe bananas!), I always wash and scrub before consuming!

Check out my homemade Window Cleaner Recipe!

Shower/ Bath:
I wash the children head to toe with Dr. Bronner’s Bar Soap– hands-down my favorite soap!  A bar lasts a long time thus making all our handwashing and bathing pretty cheap!

Shampoo– I kind of rotate what I use but no matter what I buy, I first check it on the cosmetics database to make sure it’s rated a 0 or a 1 on the toxicity scale.

Hair Products- We don’t use any really.  I do have a small bottle of de-frizz stuff that’s rated a 0 on cosmetics database, and I’ve tried my hand at homemade hair gel!  It’s made with flax seed actually (which makes a sticky gel when you boil it), and it worked great, but it goes rancid after a week, so we ditched that.

Make-Up- My hubby does like it when I wear make-up so whatever I buy, I make sure it’s a 0 or 1 on cosmetics database.  I run all my products through that website!!

Coconut Oil– Facial Moisturizer

7 Things to Cancer-Proof Your Home

This is a good article by Dr. Mercola.  Seven things you can do to make your home healthier.  If you don’t subscribe to his emails, I do recommend them for health information, he’s a leading expert in natural health.  But like everyone, you won’t agree with everything he says, but for health information, he’s spot on most of time and I’ve learned so much from his articles!  This article is another good one!

Make sure and read about stain-resistant fabrics, flame resistant articles (which I recently discovered includes boppy pillows by the way), beauty products, teflon, and cleaning products, I’m big on those myself!  And honestly, I really don’t know why people even buy anything more than basic dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, and some essential oils.  I haven’t bought a bottle of cleaner in years and absolutely don’t see the need!  But that’s just me!  And yes, I keep a pretty clean home, most of the time.

Wool Bed/ Mattress Review

Edit:  Please read all the comments to this post.  There are quite a few bad reviews now about the quality of this product.

Below is a thorough review of The Wool Bed Company (surroundewe.com) and their wool products that we purchased.  I have no affiliation with this company at all, I’m simply a customer who has purchased some of their products.

After spending much time on their website, I called the company and asked a few more detailed questions.  I looked for some reviews on the internet but couldn’t really find any except ones that were on their own website, I wanted to read some independent reviews.  And because I couldn’t see, touch, or lay on this mattress before buying it, I felt even more hesitant.  Nevertheless, we checked our debit Mastercard buyer’s guarantee and decided to go ahead and placed our first order.  (A year later we ordered two more twin mattresses.  A couple of years later and we ordered two more twin “mattresses” but they were not the same and we had to return them).

Edit:  Before I proceed, I will say that I’ve had comments come in questioning the customer service at this company.  I also did not get the best customer service.  So use your own judgment and know that maybe not all of your calls/emails will be answered.  Returns will be a problem, and your order most likely will not arrive on-time.  That’s what I’m hearing and also experienced myself.

Edit:  Before I tell you about that first and second order we placed, let me tell you about a third time not being a charm.  We ordered two twin “Premium” mattresses and there was nothing premium about them.  They were basically thick comforters, there is no way you can actually call them a “mattress,” which they do.  We had to return them as I knew they would compress down to be as flat as a comforter after a couple month’s usage.  I will say, since we did not sleep or sit on them (do not lay or sit on your mattress until you know you’ll keep it, which isn’t really possible but I COULD tell by looking this time) we were able to return them for our full refund.  But it wasn’t without hassle.

My first order:  The products were delivered via FedEx Freight in huge boxes.  Even though the outside of the boxes had gotten quite filthy from shipping, the inside was immaculate (I got worried when I saw how dirty the outside of the boxes were).  But the boxes were all wrapped in shrink wrap and fully protected.  When we opened the boxes, everything was completely covered in super large plastic bags.  The wool products were rolled up beautifully and tied with wool scrap strings, it looked gorgeous.  The one thing that surprised me was that the bedding smelled like sheep!  Baaa.  It actually didn’t bother me, but others have reported that this is nauseating to them or they have had allergy issues.  (Edit:  In my opinion, the smell was pretty much gone after a couple of months).
Boxed ShipmentUpon Opening Box
Rolled BeddingBedding Rolled UpOnce we got everything all set up, we collapsed onto it to see just how it would feel.  Ahhh, it was nice.  It really felt soft and ultra comfy.  (Now that I’ve had it for a while, I will say… that “lofty” feel that they advertise doesn’t last more than a few months.  Once the wool is compacted down, it’s not super soft anymore.  It becomes a firm mattress.  But I have enjoyed it still, even though it’s firm).  Here’s a breakdown of my specific reviews on each item we got…

 Ultimate Topper:  The topper we got for our King-sized bed has definitely lost that initial fluff, this is the piece that makes the new bed “lofty.”  That fluffiness was probably gone within a few months.  I sometimes sleep on my son’s bed with him for a nap and his twin wool mattress (with no topper) feels the same to me as our king that has the “Ultimate” topper.  If I had to do over again, I’d probably not buy the topper, although it was luxurious at first.  All of our mattresses (have ordered two more twin ones since our initial order in 2011) are still in great condition.  And don’t smell like sheep!  I’ll add once again that the customer service we’ve received from the one lady that runs the place has definitely been sketchy.  Enough to make me not order again.

King Size Wool Mattress– The mattress itself is very very firm.  And I was surprised to find out that it comes in two pieces.  I didn’t see this anywhere on their website.  They should have this information on their website for customers to see.  Because many people have complained that fitting two mattresses side by side creates a rut/ “sinking area” in the middle.  The mattresses are thick and beautiful, we got the 8″ thick size.  Let me say, if you order a mattress, make sure you measure well before hand and order the exact size, not all King’s are the same.

Topper/ Underquilt– We got the Ultimate Topper, the website says it’s 5″ after tufting, I didn’t measure.  This is what made it so lofty in the beginning, felt wonderful.  Every three years or as needed, it is recommended that you have the topper “renewed” (you mail it back to them and they re-tuft the wool.  Can we say, expensive?).  That’s something to keep in mind as that will be more cost and maintenance.  We aren’t interested in paying for this so we’ll just live with a firm topper.

Washable Wool Mattress Pad– This is a thinner pad that goes on top of your topper to protect it.  Wouldn’t you know that on our first night of the new bed, our little guy leaked through his diaper!  So this pad was put to the test right away.  My conclusion?  Our topper was fine and didn’t get wet (it had a coverlet around it also), but this pad isn’t all waterproof.  To test it, later that morning we poured a small glass of water onto the pad to see if the water would leak through.  At first, it just beaded off, which impressed me.  But then we formed a little hollow and poured some more water in it and left it sitting for a couple of hours.  It did leak through, not excessively, but it did get the layer below it wet.  Which told me I’d better get another cover on our bed in case of another accident.

Coverlet for the Topper/ Underquilt– This is basically a big cover to protect the topper a little bit (kind of like a canvas-y cloth cover, not waterproof though). The mattress on the website never mentioned I would receive this so you might ask about it??

Wool Pillows– We got both a soft and a medium wool pillow.  It was a little thicker than what I was used to, but I squished it and made it work for whatever position I was in.  I do really like that my face is lying on 100% wool each night.  The medium wool pillow was thicker than the soft and was very nice.  (Edit– After a year or so (maybe less?), the pillow was still usable but the wool kind of separated inside, making it not as comfortable, but I still use it just fine I suppose).

Crib/ Toddler Mattress– We also got a mattress for our son’s toddler bed and it came with a washable mattress pad as well.  It’s a little large on his toddler bed frame.  And it’s a bit thicker than his old mattress too so regular crib sheets won’t fit on it.  This is a nuisance as no one really sells XL crib sheets.  He doesn’t have a topper, so he’s just sleeping on a firm mattress, which is more than fine.

Now, let me review the customer service at surroundewe.com:
The website says that orders should arrive within 5-6 weeks.  At the 6-week mark, I called to check on my order and it wasn’t ready yet.  They say all of their products are hand-made so I was lenient.  The order finally arrived 9 weeks and 1 day after my order was officially placed.  Even though I would have liked to have gotten my order sooner, they made up for it by throwing in some freebies for me, like the two wool pillows mentioned above.  I’ll be honest and say that I did question their customer service, a lot.  Not all my emails were answered and some of the responses I finally got weren’t detailed enough for me, just short one-line emails.

Their website says that wool is cool in the summer, but that’s not so true in our situation.  It’s definitely not cool, but is at whatever the temperature of the room is at.

Wool Bed
Side Note:  Make sure to read all the really good/bad comments others have left on this post below! 

“Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.”  Colossians 3:2  🙂