Our Favorite Children’s Books

I’ve posted our favorite children’s books before, so some of these are a repeat, but this is our most recent “Favorites” list in case you’re looking for some new books to add to your collection!  We own lots of books and these (as well as ones on my last post!) are the best of the best!

This is the only one I’ll give with a warning.  It teaches what sex is.  I think the illustrations are so sweet and so well-done.  I think it’s worded so perfectly so that parents can start at a young age being open with their child about sex.  I really like this book but I understand that some parents want to wait until their children are older to talk about this subject.  However, I think the earlier the better and that it should be a normal, open conversation as the child grows and matures.

The True Story of Noah’s Ark (You will be in awe of the center fold out illustration!!!) and The True Story of Adam and Eve are amazing books to teach your child the REAL accounts of Noah and Adam and Eve.  The illustrations are BEAUTIFUL!!

Ronnie Wilson’s Gift is a sweet story about how a child can give a gift to Jesus.  Giving a gift to someone in need is the same as giving to Jesus!

Sanji’s Seed is about a boy who chose honesty over greed.  When his plant didn’t grow like the other boy’s big beautiful plants, he still just took his empty cup to the king.  The king was pleased because Sanji came and honestly presented his empty cup.  Sanji was pronounced the next king because of his honesty.

The Jingle in My Pocket is a bit long, so maybe for age 5 and up.  It’s a book in rhyme to teach about giving, saving, and spending money.  The illustrations in this book are precious (as are the illustrations of the other books in this series).


Trusty.  Good ole’ Trusty.  He’s a train who learns to listen to his Papa’s warnings in Trusty Gets Off Track.  And he stands up for honesty and what is right in Trusty and Ingrid Fibster.  We’re also big fans of Trusty Tried and True.  These books are pricey though, but we really like them.

God’s Wisdom for Little Boys is a great book to teach your son great character.  It walks through different character qualities with a rhyming poem for each one and has beautiful illustrations.  God’s Wisdom For Little Girls is also great!

The Story of the Empty Tomb is a great book to read about Jesus’ Resurrection!  These little “Arch Books” are good little paperback books, we own several!

The next three books are all “Little Jewel Books” and there are dozens to choose from on their website.

This is Mohan is about a little boy that meets a missionary family and learns about Jesus.

A Truck and a Tricycle is about a little boy who learns to always pick up his things after he’s done playing so that others don’t get hurt on them.  Cleaning up your things is a way to show kindness to others.

Anthony Gets Ready for Church is just a simple book about how a little boy has to wash his hands, put on his socks and shoes, comb his hair, buckle his shirt, and grab his Bible to get ready for church.  


My Favorite 2014 Reads

Here are some of my favorite books that I read in 2014, in case you’re looking for recommendations!

The Homeschool Experiment by Charity Hawkins- Hilarious, easy/ quick read.  For anyone homeschooling or considering homeschooling.  This author is so funny and so real, I loved it!  You’ll laugh like crazy!

Family Is Hard, Deal With It by Todd Wilson- Such great points we as parents need to be reminded of.  The hard stuff is really worth it and the things that are really worth it are hard.  Great points that need to be heard!

Vaccines:  Are They Really Safe and Effective by Neil Z Miller.  I’ve reviewed a bit of material on vaccines, and this book was one of my favorite because it was relatively short and straight to the point.  If you have children, you should at least be fully informed on vaccines- their efficacy and their safety.  You should know if the disease the vaccine is made to prevent is treatable if not vaccinated, weigh out the risk of the vaccine vs. the disease, etc.  Educate before you vaccinate!  This is a great resource!

Today Matters by John C. Maxell- Such a neat concept… what you do with your life today dictates how the rest of your life will be.  Today does matter.  If you want to reach that big, audacious goal, work on it each and every day.

The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom- I can’t believe I had never read this.  Riveting, this holocaust story had me on the edge of my seat.

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala- I’m not sure that this author attends the same denomination church as me, but whew… the Holy Spirit is alive and working!  This book left me thinking for months!  Good stuff!

Follow Me by David Platt- Another great book by David Platt.  Read this one, Radical, and Radical Together and you will SO be called out of your comfort zone!

Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow- Very good reminders to be content where you are… your relationships, your situation, etc.  Have a CALM heart.  This one spoke to me.

Other Runner-Up Books that I Also Enjoyed:
In A Pit With a Lion On a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson

Rhinestone Jesus by Kristen Welch

Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee

A Peek Inside an Unconventional Family

A family that is near and dear to me who have been my health mentors for the past 6 1/2 years wrote an e-book!  Eeek!!  Actually, the father wrote the e-book.  🙂

It is unique because it is a compilation of their whole life… what they do day-in-and-day-out.  What they eat and why, how they exercise and why, how they celebrate holidays and why (which is very different than the typical American ways!).  I gained much inspiration and snagged ideas that I am now implementing at our house!  Including exercise things they do, their great breakfasts’ (this has revolutionized our mornings!), their Bible reading, water, pineapple, asparagus, eating small bites and chewing well, improving your vision without glasses, and much more!

Click here for the blog post linking to his FREE e-book.

Here are a few of my favorite excerpts from the book…

“There is no way to overstate the impact of the resurrection of Christ. It was a cataclysmic shock to the forces of wickedness. They … will … never … recover.  Glory to God in the highest! The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus was a triumph so marvellous, so profound, that we can enjoy spending eternity in growing realization of the beauty and majesty of this one event.”

“You may be imagining Easter bunnies and eggs. That is one celebration we shun completely.  Easter just happens to be around the same time of year as the Resurrection. This, and Halloween, are all but removed from the days of the year, for our family.”
(They DO celebrate Ressurection Sunday with a feast, footwashing, communion, Bible passages on the Passion, etc.  But they do NOT do bunnies and eggs, etc.  The Ressurection is what that holiday is all about, so I love this!!)

I REALLY liked this excerpt!!…

“I have read about the prevalence of wasted time. Success seminars talk about how to detect all of the time that you are not using effectively. They refer to how often we check the news, or gab with the co-workers, or day dreaming about an upcoming holiday, etc. I cannot relate. Maybe I am wired differently, but I don’t think that is it. I can remember a time in my life when I did waste time. That is long gone. When I am at work, I am 100% driven to make the best use of my time for my employer and for my career. Yes, I take breaks, but never in excess. Plus, the breaks themselves are part of the optimum productivity.

Some people enjoy doing nothing. Boring. I get enough rest when I am asleep.   When I am awake, I have too much to do. I cannot afford to be idle.

You may have noticed some missing activities from our schedule. We don’t have a television. We don’t have time for it. The only time we have had a television is when my wife’s grandmother gave us her old one, because we didn’t have one. We sold it. When we got married, we had tentatively put off getting a television, so we could decide later if we really needed one. We decided not to watch television, or consume other secular media.  This is disinformation overload! The stress and vexation from listening to a bunch of humanists is enough to send you to an early grave … slowly and painfully. If you avoid drinking from this cesspool, then you will have more productive years in your ministry and
career, reducing the time spent in a nursing home.

Also, television has been proven to be an income suppressant. Really. There is a significantly strong correlation between income and television watching. The more you watch, the less you earn.

Click on over to get your own copy of their e-book!! 

Straight Talk- Part Three

Here are more great notes from “Straight Talk With Your Kids About Sex” by Josh and Dottie McDowel!  Sorry this post is so long, the quotes really hammer home the point.  But feel free to skim if this post doesn’t apply to you or you’re short on time.

“Thanks to the social-media revolution some of the most perverted and distorted views of sex are reaching our kids.  They are just one click away.  For the most part TV and the movies portray immorality as fun with no negative consequences.  But even with the accessibility of media, it is still not the number-one influence on how your child acts.”

“The sad reality is that studies show that ‘fewer than 15 percent of parents discuss sexuality with their children.’  Most parents have abdicated their responsibility.  Instead, peers and the media have been the primary sources of sexuality information for America’s children since the 1940s.”

“Home is where our kids should be learning about sex.  Scripture works from that assumption.  Proverbs 1:8.  It is clear that God wants Christian parents to be the primary sex educators of their children.”

“You as a parent have a wonderful, God-given responsibility to instruct your children.  And your children desperately need you.  Attitudes, opinions, values, and instruction about sex can be one of the greatest gifts you can provide your children.”

“Before a child ever hears about sex from a “sex-ed program,” he/she should hear from mom and dad.  And remember, whether you talk with your children about sex or not, others are talking- right now.”

“You might think that sex would be a sensitive and even an embarrassing subject for children… so they would naturally be more comfortable learning about it from people other than their parents.  But not so.”  “Research shows that when young children want information, advice, and guidance, they turn to their parents first.”

“The encouraging news is that if you as a parent build a loving, warm relationship with your children early on, then in their teen years your kids will more likely depend more on you than on their friends, the media, and the Internet for information on sex.”

“Parents who avoid discussing the topic of sex with their children are doing their children a disservice.  Such children may get the idea that sex is bad, which can affect them throughout their lives.  Such children may seek information elsewhere, and this information can be incomplete or erroneous.”

“When parents become actively involved in their children’s sex education, they ‘minimize some of the pitfalls faced by children and adolescents who turn to their peers for sex (mis)information.  And the truth is kids who feel their parents speak openly about sex and listen to them carefully are less likely to engage in high-risk behaviors.”

“But whether you are actually talking to your kids about sex you are still teaching them much about it.  Whether you use words or not, your body language, attitude, relationships, the way you treat others, your comments about your children’s friends, what you watch on TV, and what you “click on “ at your computer- all of these things are teaching your children about sex.”

“Talking about sex is part of your child’s world and is much more common and “out there” than a generation ago.  Kids are often more comfortable with the topic than the parents trying to speak to them.”

“Recent studies show that ‘adolescents who are well informed and comfortable in talking about sexuality with their parents are most likely to postpone intercourse.’  ‘Youths whose parents talked to them about right and wrong with regard to sexual behavior were significantly more likely to be abstinent than peers whose parents did not.’”

“Withholding information until you think your child is ‘ready’ can increase the chance that children will explore more on their own, go to others with less knowledge or different values than you, or accept inaccurate information as fact.”

“Commit very early on to always be honest, loving, and open with your child about God’s wonderful gift of sexuality.  You won’t be encouraging sexual promiscuity- you will be helping to discourage it.”

“When should you start talking to your child about sex?  You might fear that if you start too young it will be “too much, too soon.”  On the other hand, you may fear that if you don’t deal with it, then later it might be “too little, too late.”  The problem is almost never “too much too soon,” but rather “too little too late.”

“Because of the society we live in, the consequences of avoiding these conversations far outweigh the consequences of giving too much information too soon.  A bigger danger is that your children don’t know your position, expectations or values… Parents can’t control the flow of information between children at school or on the playground- kids are going to talk about sexuality.  You can’t rely on schoolyard conversations or even school-sponsored classes to educate your child about sex.”

“In today’s culture our kids are discovering sex and sexual behavior younger and younger, and you will want to be there first to introduce sex within the proper context.”

“Sex education should begin at birth.  Children should learn the right words for their genitals along with other parts of their bodies.  If you can be comfortable talking about it, this sets the tone for future discussions as the topics comes up.  You don’t need to elaborate with more details than your child needs to answer his or her question.  You will know when more information is needed, because they will probably ask.”

“Ignorance is dangerous and can be so destructive.  Yet knowledge, combined with a loving relationship with one’s parents is the overriding factor leading to your child understanding that sex is God’s design.”

“A very simple rule of thumb is that if you talk with your children when they are young, they will be comfortable to talk with you when they are older.  The opposite is also true.  If you are not answering their questions at 2 and 3, they will not be asking them at 12 and 13.  If you wait to discuss sex with your kids until they are in their teens, they are undoubtedly going to be uncomfortable.” 

“Talk to kids really early, when they’re too young to be embarrassed.  It’s less embarrassing for you, too, and they are very matter-of-fact at ages 4, 5, and 6.  After they’ve been on the playground for a few years, and heard a lot of snickering, it’s too late.”

“When you are honest and tackle the topic of sex at the appropriate maturity levels of your kids—you become the expert to them!  As they grow, they will trust you and listen to you!  You may not be your child’s only “sex educator,” but you can (and should be) the first, the primary, and most important sex educator in their lives.”

“There is no set age that you should share certain things with your children.  They key, however, is to continually take advantage of the daily opportunities that arise.”

“Talk about sex in a way you feel comfortable.  Remember, children don’t need all the details at one time.  Accurate information needs to unfold over a period of time.  Each brief conversation lays the foundation for the next one.  With each conversation you take it a step further in your child’s proper understanding of his or her sexuality.”

“Your child will instinctively know if you are confident and comfortable.  If you are he or she will come back to you again and again.”

“Remember, no matter what age your child is, it is never too late to start talking to them about God’s wonderful gift of our sexuality.  By starting with them when they are young you can build a trusting relationship that will pay off when they are older.”

Straight Talk Part Four

Book Review

I was given a few copy of “Love’s Complete” in exchange for my honest review here.

“Love’s Complete” is a children’s poetic book about a Russian adoption. I liked the book’s rhyme and that the book was so short. And it did walk you through the whole adoption process of paperwork and waiting and then receiving a child. The illustrations were a little odd at times, but cute on other pages. If I had a child who had been adopted from Russia, I would read him this book to help him understand how his parents found him and loved him even before they knew him. I didn’t think the book was as great as other children’s adoption books I’ve read, but it was short and sweet and did explain the Russian adoption process well. It did not focus on the child and how the child felt and how the child reacted upon meeting new parents. The book was all about the parent’s experience only.

My 2013 Favorite Reads

For those of you that like to read and grow, read and grow…  Here were my favorite books from 2013! (in no particular order)

More Than Enough by Dave Ramsey- His books never disappoint.  This one really focused on character, integrity, hard work, values, hope, vision.  I enjoyed it!

Radical Together by David Platt- Great for churches to read together, very convicting, discusses the need for churches to stop pouring their heart into all their programs and get to reaching the unreached!  Very challenging!

How to be a Great Wifeeven though you homeschool by Todd Wilson- I’ve read a lot of books on being a wife.  This one ranks up there at the top of the list!  Short, sweet, great points!!

Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe by Todd Wilson- This author knows how to keep his books short and to the point!  Excellent little book!!

College by 12 (e-book) by The Harding Family- Although the book wasn’t organized well and dragged on at points, the general take-away has revolutionized my homeschooling!  All of their children so far have graduated high school by age 13 or so, starting entry-level college courses by age 12!  Their oldest daughter was a physician by age 21!  They explain that their children are of average intelligence, they’re not some hyper-geniuses or anything.  But if you let your children excel in school at their pace and love on them with lots of encouragement, they can go far academically!

Adoption Miracles by Karen Kingsbury- Touching stories of domestic, infant adoptions.

Journey to the Fatherless by Lawrence Burgeron- Whew, if you’re not sure what part you can play in caring for orphans world-wide, this book will leave you feeling equipped for sure.  Every Christian should care for the orphan (James 1:27), what will that look like in your life?

Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn- This author’s books never disappoint!  This one was written for 10-15 year-olds and answers so many common questions about Heaven.  An awesome read!  I can’t wait to read his original Heaven book.  And his Treasure Principle book is still one of my all-time favorite books ever!

Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex by Josh and Dottie McDowell- Whew, blog post coming on this one soon!  I learned a ton from this book and am so excited about it!

For all of my favorite books that I’ve ever read, see my master Book List!

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode!

You’ve all heard me talk about MoneySavingMom before, Crystal Paine.  Her new book hit the shelves yesterday!  I got the chance to read it before it was released!  By the way, she’s offering freebies and giveaways this week if you go purchase her book!

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Although I don’t necessarily live in “survival mode,” (although don’t we all at times?!) I thoroughly enjoyed her book!  It was very practical and I walked away with many new ideas and lots of motivation and encouragement to help me live life even fuller!  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book…

“You don’t have to stay perpetually overwhelmed and exhausted, barely existing in survival mode anymore.  You can start living with direction and passion.”

“I didn’t stop the insanity… I wore a plastic smile and continued to say yes  to everything.”

“Yes, there are moments when I want to dig out my Superwoman cape to impress others…  But when I remember how empty and exhausted it felt… it’s okay never to wear the cape again.”

“Living with intention means saying no to the things that aren’t important to us so we can say yes to what matters most.”

In the book, Crystal gives a list of things she does NOT do!  How awesome to admit and show proof that you are not Supewoman.  That is so genuine and sweet and lowers the bar for all of us out there that constantly want to raise the bar.  Psst… She doesn’t pack her husband’s lunches every day!

“For us, it’s not about saving money so we can continuously upgrade our lifestyle and always be buying bigger and better things.  We want to live beneath our means so that we are able to give generously to others.”  “There’s a world of need around us.  The more we steward our money well, the more abundance we will have to meet those needs.  The more we save, the more we have to give.”

In the book, Crystal shared a story about how her mom used to have her clean their house plants with cotton balls when she was little!  Hilarious!  But she draws such a sweet lesson out of it!  I really enjoyed reading this story!

“Something happens when you have children.  Toys are everywhere.  Your home can quickly get hijacked by colorful blocks, plastic figures, puzzle pieces, chewed-on books, and game pieces… Even though before you had your little ones, you promised yourself your home would not become a toy jungle, it happened.”  “The fact is, having children means your home will be filled with playthings.  It comes with the territory.”

You’ll have to get the book to read her section on “Focus on Contentment versus Consumerism!”  Good stuff!!

“Failure isn’t proof that you’re a loser, a mess-up, or someone who will never get it together.  On the contrary, failure is evidence that you’re trying.”

“The problem… was trying to cram 32 hours’ worth of projects into a 24 hour day.”

“I used to think that burning the midnight oil and getting by on only a fistful of sleep would make me more productive.”

“So many of us try to find fulfillment and self-worth in piling our plates too high.”

“All of a sudden, sticking with a budget wasn’t just about us; it was about others.  Through this humbling experience, we found the ultimate heartbeat for our finances- living simply so we can give generously.  The more we save, the more we have to give.  I came home with so much more passion, purpose, and motivation for clipping coupons, shopping sales, buying used goods, saving more, and spending less.”

Awww… you’ll have to read Crystal’s story of how she was washing the dishes and all of a sudden got the idea to give away ALL the proceeds from her first book, amazing!

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”

She shared a story from another family in her book that really hit home with me personally (since we just adopted!)… “A few years ago, our family… adopted… and had three children in less than two years… Although I am accustomed to living a high-octane life… this time I did not spring back like normal.”   I love the advice/ lesson Crystal gave this mother.

Taking care of yourself is not “about being selfish or self-absorbed.  In fact, many times when you direct your attention toward yourself and practice self-care, you become a better person all around.  You transform into a more energetic mom, a more attentive spouse, a more tuned-in friend… instead of a stressed-out, frazzled mess.”

“Taking care of your health should be a top priority.  Just ask anyone who suffers from chronic pain or a debilitating disease.  They know how important good health is because they battle with pain and sickness every day.  When you go through a health setback, everything else falls to the wayside.  All the things you thought were once important seem meaningless and you would give anything to be healthy again.”

In the book, she shares about the importance and practical tips you can do to get reenergized and become more productive and passionate about life.  Get the book to get all her tips!

Her lesson behind “Are you actually doing something or just moving furniture around?” really hit home with me!

“You are never going to be exactly where you want to be.  There will always be another project, another chore, another task, or another idea to get started… So don’t beat yourself up that you’re not as far as you’d like to be.  Instead, be kind to yourself and give yourself grace.”

-“Remember you are not superwoman…”

-“Get hold of your finances for the right reasons and manage your money purposefully.”

-“Take care of your home and day-to-day responsibilities in a simple way so you have time to do things that matter most.”

-“Start taking care of you.  If you don’t put a priority on your health and mental sanity, you will pay for it now and later.”

My Favorite Reads So Far This Year

Of the books I’ve read so far this year, here have been my favorites…

Radical Together by David Platt- Whoa, a huge call to action for the church.

How to Be a Great Wife, Even Though You Homeschool by Todd Wilson- This is one of the best marriage books I’ve ever read, and it’s so short and simple!  A quick read that I think any wife should read, homeschooler or not!

Lies Homeschooling Moms Believe by Todd Wilson- What a breath of fresh air!  So freeing and motivating!

A Full Quiver by Rick and Jan Hess- Wow, some powerful points made in this book about how Christians should view contraceptives, conception, family size, etc.  Christians are dwindling because families are choosing to only have 2.1 children.  We need more Christian families to raise more Christ-like children!  They ARE the next generation.  Nothing is more worthy, nothing a higher calling, then raising children to love the Lord and serve Him.  Nothing.  The future depends on it.

More than Enough by Dave Ramsey- This is a beginner’s book I’d say, a great gift for a young person.  But I really enjoyed it also, Dave focuses on character and integrity and how to have “More than Enough” in life.  Excellence.  Don’t be a rat in a wheel where all you do in life is run, run, run, run, run.  Live a life of excellence.

20 Reasons We Must Not Borrow by Bill Gothard, PH.D.- I’ve read and watched many, many resources on money, debt, finances, etc.  But this little book gave me some new things to chew on that were really insightful.  Like, going into debt for something means you’re not trusting God to provide.  Instead you’re running to the bank to provide for you.  We should pray for what we need/ want and then watch the Lord answer.  Debt is a boundary.  It’s there for a reason.  Don’t cross over the line to go into debt.  If you don’t have the cash for something, that’s a safe boundary line that has been put there, don’t cross it using debt.  Trust God to provide absolutely everything.  Debt is a terrible master.

College by 12– ebook by the Harding Family- An average homeschooling family, no geniuses in the bunch, has their children dual-enrolling in college classes by age 12!  And there’s no hidden secrets, ANYONE can do it!  It’s not even that hard!  Their daughter has become the youngest doctor in America, I think she’s 22.  Watch this!

Quitter by Jon Acuff- This is written more for someone in a career.  But even as a stay-at-home-mom, I enjoyed it.  Jon encourages the reader to achieve his dream job, but don’t quit your day job just yet.  Wait until certain things are in place for your dream job first.  Hustle.  Work on your dream job while you’re working your day job so that the transition will be seamless.  But go for your dream!  Have purpose and meaning in life!  And every dream involves people, learn to care about people, genuinely care.

Favorite Children’s Books!

I love reading quality children’s books to my little ones.  We have had such great discussions after reading the books below.  And I have been able to teach my children such neat life lessons through these books.  Reading is learning.  Growing.  Gaining knowledge.  I want to teach my children to love to learn.  If they love learning, the sky is the limit!

Here are some of our favorite children’s books…


These are “Little Jewel” books and there are dozens to choose from.  They are simple, old-fashioned, precious stories.  They emphasize family and teach valuable life lessons.  “A Letter For Titus” teaches such a great lesson that we talk about often around our home!


I always like to give “God’s Wisdom for Little Boys” (or “God’s Wisdom for Little Girls”) as gifts.  The illustrations are precious, the poems are fun and the character building is priceless!  The authors have also published “A Little Boy After God’s Own Heart” (and “A Little Girl After God’s Own Heart”) and those are such great character building books as well!


“A is for Adam” has been read in our home dozens and dozens of times!  It’s tops on my list!  A fantastic Creation book!  Each page starts with a letter of the alphabet, A through Z.  We practically have all the rhymes on every page of this book memorized!  (If you buy this book, look for the older version, the newer one has pages that are harder to flip).

Sample:  “A is for Adam, God made him from dust, He wasn’t a monkey, He looked just like us.”


“The True Story of Noah’s Ark” has the absolute BEST illustrations I have ever seen!  A HUGE fold-out center page shows the inside of what Noah’s Ark may have looked like.  It teaches children that Noah’s Ark wasn’t some little bathtub tug boat with a giraffe head poking out the top.  No, it was a massive boat with extra room to spare, longer than a football field and the height of a 4-story building!  The book comes with a neat audio cd as well as a neat “Closer Look” section in the back.

“The True Account of Adam and Eve” also has beautiful illustrations and tons of information to help you teach your child about Creation, Adam & Eve, and how it all ties in to Christ on the cross.


“Ronnie Wilson’s Gift” is a sweet book that my boys ask me to read over and over again.  The little boy accepts the gift that Jesus gave him (salvation) and tries his hardest to give his best gift to Jesus in return… his baseball glove.  He tries to mail it to heaven, send it up to heaven by balloon, and jump on his trampoline to try and jump high enough to get it heaven.  In all his efforts, he couldn’t get his baseball glove to heaven but he fed a hungry man, played with a lonely boy, and gave his balloon away to a hurting girl.  He has a dream where Jesus tells him “Whatever you do for these brothers of Mine, you do for me.”  So the next day, he knew just what to do with his special baseball glove, he gave it away to a boy that couldn’t afford a glove.  Sweet lesson on giving to Jesus!

“In God We Trust” is a really neat book about giving, saving, and spending money.  I really like it because you save your money right in the book… there are slots all throughout for sliding your coins in to save!  A fun way to learn about money!  I found this at a garage sale, knowing I was already a fan of Larry Burkett, but it may not be available any longer??


“Trusty Tried and True” teaches an amazing life lesson.  A train breaks down but Brawny with his big muscles wouldn’t help, Smarty with his big bag of tricks wouldn’t help, and Beauty with her pampered engine wouldn’t help.  The people cried and prayed and who came to their rescue… Trusty Tried and True!  He not only gladly served but told the people how just earlier that day he had prayed that if someone was in need, that God would send him their way!  The rhymes are fun, the story is priceless!  “Trusty Gets Off Track” teaches how even when we get off track, our Father comes to our rescue.


These three books are sweet and precious.  The illustrations are beautiful.  The poems are a little longer (probably for ages 5 and up) but they speak volumes!  All three of these books teach valuable lessons and make for great family discussion!  “The Person I Marry” is especially my favorite for discussion time and teaching your child about what kind of person they should marry someday, and what kind of person they need to be for someone else to marry someday!

Also, just recently, we read “The House in the Middle of Town” by Crystal Bowman.  Oh, it’s so precious!  It shows children all around the community that come together and chip in to fix up a widow’s home for her.  What a great story to help you teach your children to serve the widow.  After reading this, my boys and I decided we should go scrub a widow’s bathroom like the children in the book did!  🙂

Side Note:  Purchasing these books from companies that are standing strong for God’s Word and Christian values supports them to keep doing what they’re doing!
Buying all these new would be quite pricey, but perhaps you could ask for a few as birthday/ Christmas presents from extended family!  Also, check for coupons/ discount codes and sales!