Birth Plan

Birth Plan points to consider…
Food and drink during labor as desired (this is energy to sustain mom).
No IV fluids or medications.
No fetal monitoring, be able to move around freely in many different positions and not have to be attached to a machine during labor.  There are dangers in using doppler technology.
No staying on back/ on bed during labor.
No pitocin.
No artificial rupture of membranes.
No epidural.
No c-section.
No forceps or vacuum.
No episiotomy.
No fetal scalp blood sampling or heart rate monitoring.
Do not rub off vernix after birth- allow mom or dad to massage it into baby’s skin.
Immediate mom/ baby skin to skin contact and don’t ask to stop us so you can do an examination of baby. Exam can be done while baby is on Mom.
Breastfeed immediately after birth instead of pitocin injection if placenta is not delivering.
Delay cutting cord all the way until cord has stopped pulsing and placenta has been delivered- baby needs ALL that blood!
No antibiotics.
Baby to stay in room with parent at all times.
No bath.
No eye ointment.
No Vitamin K.
No Hepatitis B shot.
No PKU test.
No pacifiers or formula or supplements.
No soaps, creams, or lotions to be applied to baby’s new skin.
No circumcision!!