Birth Plan

Let’s talk birth plans!

But before we do, I must tell you some truth. Birth plans are necessary if you’re going to have a hospital birth, but they’re kind of like having to put on heavy armor because you know you’re headed to the front lines of war. Why not just avoid the battle altogether and keep your baby safer? The safest place to give birth is HOME.

At home, you will not be injected with harmful drugs. At home, your baby will not be injected with harmful drugs. At home, your body will be able to do what it needs to do, slowly and gently. There will be no pressure to push, pressure to start meds, pressure to cut, pressure to use formula, etc. I have had three beautiful homebirths… no meds, no cutting, no invasion of my body. I had two amazing midwives and they let my body do what it needed to do while keeping a close eye on me and baby! It was heavenly and beautiful.

Hospital Birth Plan points to consider…

Mom is to be able to have food and drink during labor as desired (this is energy to sustain mom).

No IV fluids or medications.

No fetal monitoring, Mom is to be able to move around freely in many different positions and not have to be attached to a machine during labor. (There are dangers in using doppler technology).

Mom is not to be told to stay on back/ on bed during labor.

No pitocin, as this has not been proven safe for Mom or baby. It puts the baby in distress.

No cervical checks, especially if water has broken.

No artificial rupture of membranes.

No epidural.

No c-section.

No forceps or vacuum.

No episiotomy (Small women have been delivering big babies for centuries, no cutting required. Do not push when your body isn’t demanding you to do so).

No fetal scalp blood sampling or heart rate monitoring.

Do not rub off vernix after birth- allow Mom or Dad to massage it into baby’s skin, it is so nourishing.

Immediate Mom/ baby skin to skin contact and do not stop bonding so that an examination of baby be done. Exam can be done while baby is on Mom.

Delay cutting the cord all the way until cord has stopped pulsing and placenta has been delivered- baby needs ALL that blood! It is baby’s own blood, let baby have it! (Allowing blood to drain out of placenta and into baby will help the placenta to detach on its own also).

Breastfeed immediately after birth. Instead of pitocin injection, breastfeeding will help placenta be delivered (as will delayed cord clamping).

No antibiotics.

Baby to stay in room with parent at all times. If baby is taken to nursery, it is very high probability that this birth plan will be breeched (baths given, vaccines given, formula given, pacifiers given, etc).

No bath.

No eye ointment (antibiotic ointment is harmful for new babies)

No Vitamin K. (Baby is not born deficient).

No Hepatitis B shot. (The vaccine routinely given within 24 hours of birth).

No PKU test.

No pacifiers or formula or supplements to be given to baby.

No soaps, creams, or lotions to be applied to baby’s new skin.

No circumcision!! (Baby was born perfectly whole, no need to cut off a necessary part of his body and put him through pain and cutting).