It’s the Ingredient List that Matters
Things I Don’t Do
Products I Use Around the House
Health Things I Do In Our Home
Measles, Vaccines, and Childhood Cancer
10 Years of Vaccine Research
Things that Contribute to Autism
Bragg’s Health Reminders
De-Toxifying Your Teeth
Autism Awareness– A Powerful Article
7 Things to Cancer-Proof Your Home
Weight Loss
How to Avoid Cancer
Awesome Benefits of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Ordering Health Foods from Azure– Christian Health Food Company
Tips for a Healthier, Happier, Longer Life
How to Kill a Cold, Starve a Fever
Why You Should Avoid Aluminum Like the Plague
Water, Water, Water
Healthy Grocery Shopping Challenge– How to Shop
Amazing Benefits of Flax Seed
Healthier Hand Washing
Pressure Cooker 101
What I Buy at the Grocery Store

Wholesome Recipes

Handy Homemade Products

Homeschooling/ Children/ Parenting:
The Date-less Homeschool Planner
Beginner Bible Verses for Ages 2 and Up
11 Tips for Hiding God’s Word In Your Child’s Heart

Bible Memory Verses- Level Two- For Ages 2 and Up
Praying With Your Children
Encourage Your Child’s Character
Another- Encourage Your Child’s Character
Why Homeschool?  The Gift of Time
Our Hodge Podge Homeschooling
Preparing Your Child for Temptation
The Beauty of a Baby
Middle School Sex Poster In Public School
How I Get It All Done
Motherhood is a Calling (And Where Your Children Rank)

How I’ve Taught My 3-Year-Olds to Read

Quotes from Michael Farris

Can YOU really homeschool?

Simple, Frugal, and Fun Homeschooling

Children’s Games/ Activities:
Pretend Fire Grilling Game
Dice Fun– Exercising and Coins
Family Treat Jar
Flashlight Hide and Seek
My Favorite Children’s Books
Tally Marks Activity Bag
Practicing Philippians 4:8 With Your Children– fun game
Armor of God
Treasures in Heaven Discussion
Blanket Time
Homemade Lullaby’s
Fruits of the Spirit Crafy Idea
Cute Snack Time Idea Using an Ice Cube Tray

Christian Living:
We Didn’t Celebrate “Easter”
The Connection Between Girl Scout Cookies and Planned Parenthood
Fighting for the Lives of Pre-Born Babies
What Do You Have Against Santa?
Evolution Vs. God
Billboard Advertising For Easy Divorce
Athiest Missions
Notes from a Conference- Marriage, Homeschool, Christian Living
Raising Boys in a Sexually Charged Society
Why Christians Should Boycott Certain Companies
Huge Boycott List
A Call To Anguish
“The Award” and “Aaron”– Powerful, short, pro-life videos
Uncovering the Real Nativity– Christmas
Anger, Tempers, Flare-Ups– how to tame this monster
Basics of the Bible– Questions about Race, Noah, Nakedness, Revelation, Pain and Suffering, and More
Powerful Video on Giving and Ones in Desperation Around the World
An Abortion Story that Will Make You Cry
What Are You Living For?
Wisdom from Ecclesiastes– Riches and Contentment
Powerful Abortion Quiz
180 by Ray Comfort
Just Stop and Think– video by Francis Chan
Flame On- A Story of Tragedy and Hope

Organized for a Purpose
Dave Ramsey-Financial
Maternity Blessings– Ministry of Loaning Maternity Clothes
Giving Up His Smart Phone
Six Reasons People Stay In Debt

Book Reviews/ Commentaries:
A Peek Inside an Unconventional Family– ebookCollege by Age 12
My 2013 Favorite Reads
Say Goodbye To Survival Mode
The 10-Second Rule
Love Does by Bob Goff
Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World
Kisses from Katie
One Thousand Gifts
Tea With Michelle Duggar
My Favorite 2014 Reads

Talking With Your Children About Sex- Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five


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