January 2015 Goals

I don’t know if you noticed, but I didn’t share my 2015 goals with anyone at the start of the new year!  I’m kind of glad I didn’t because I was able to scratch a few and tweak a few without feeling like a failure!  Here are my revised 2015 goals and how I did in January! (Yes, many of my goals are 2014 repeats because they were such great ones for me!)…

Eat 15 Salads per Month- (done in January)

Exercise at least 4 times each week, 30 minutes minimum each time- (I’m behind by 3 sessions, will play catch-up!)

Jump on the rebounder (trampoline, such great exercise!) for at least 10 minutes each week (pathetic tiny goal, but I was currently doing none, so at least this is something!) (I did a total of 70 minutes in January!)

Drink a Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar drink at least 104 times this year (1 Tbsp in each glass, twice a week) (The drink is warm water, lemon juice, ACV, and honey; really yummy!)- (I drank 11 of these in January!)

Do Push-Ups, Squats, and Abs at least one time each week- (For January, I did push-ups 4 times, squats 4 times, and abs once… hmmm, maybe I won’t be able to stick with the abs one??)

Eat no sugar (from purchased products, I don’t bake with it anyway) at least until I get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight (have about 10 pounds to go).  Honey, maple syrup, raw agave nectar, and coconut sugar are still permitted for making homemade sweets- (I did this for all of January!)

Personal Growth:
Go through my Bible and read everything that has been underlined, highlighted, marked, etc.  (Which as my husband teases… is most all of my Bible!)- I got started on this in January but am a little behind as I’m still in Genesis.

Memorize one verse a month that pertains to an area I’m struggling with- (Did it!)

Read 24 books with at least 8 of them being about parenting.  (I completed 8 books in January, but 3 of them were e-books.  None of them were specific to parenting).

Record 1,000 things I’m thankful for- (kept up on this in January).

Pray for the entire world using online prayer calendar as well as persecuted Christians prayer requests through Voice of Martyrs.

Sing hymns with hubby playing the guitar at least two evenings per week.  Guess we could say this is mostly a goal for hubby!  (Did this in January!)

Cycle through our two containers of meaningful children’s books that focus on good character and good lessons at least once every three months- (on our way!)

Incorporate a family sport time on the weekends starting in the spring.

Do 25 children’s crafts/ activities this year- (did one in January)

Read through our Bible story book and act out stories- (have not officially started yet although we did do this for two stories in January)

Complete 24 Read-a-Loud Chapter books (We finished one in January)


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