The Miracle of Baking Soda

I knew baking soda made a great household cleaner.  But recently, my hubby has been having fun (yes, you read that right, HE has been having FUN) using baking soda to remove what we thought were irremovable stains.  He said I HAD to post about it on this blog.  When my man wants a recipe or natural living thingy posted, he gets it, because rarely does he say that!

Here’s what he’s been cleaning lately (I have a newborn, thus the reason for all this man cleaning):

-White stovetop-  I thought our stovetop had scratches on it, not stains.  Since those “scratches” never wiped clean, I figured they were there to stay.  Wrong!  He agitated them with baking soda and a wet rag.  “Scratches” are GONE!  Wowzers!

-White Kitchen Bowls-  I had some bowls that had some rim stains on the bottom of them.  They never come clean in regular dish washing so I figured the stains were there to stay also.  Nope, baking soda, water, and a rag got them white again!

-Counter Tops-  Oh my, I was shocked by this one.  We have those cheap formica countertops.  They were pretty stained.  I was thinking it was time to get new countertops.  Nope, baking soda got ALL the stains out, super impressive!

Moral of the story:  Don’t buy expensive toxic chemicals at the grocery store to clean your home, just whip out the baking soda! 


One thought on “The Miracle of Baking Soda

  1. I love that J wanted you to post! =) And I love that you used the term “man cleaning.” HAHAHA!!! That is awesome! Last time I was in PA, my SIL was left with a nasty pan. She sprinkled baking soda and let is sit overnight. The next morning, the gunk practically jumped out of the pan.

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