Notes from Homeschool Conference

I recently went to a homeschool conference and got to hear some great speakers!  Here are some of my random notes!…

Below are my notes from Carol Barnier, who is HILARIOUS!  She had me crackin’ up!  Her website devoted to helping families with a distractable child (including ADHD and children on the autism spectrum) is here.

—“If you want to thrill me on our anniversary, don’t take me on a cruise, bring me home a quality microscope or a fetal pig floating in formaldehyde.”

—“Elimination diet- we tried it and the only thing it eliminated was family harmony!”

—“When we married, we were shallow and materialistic. We only cared about a nice car, big house, and stuff. We practically fell into homeschooling, kicking and screaming.”

—“When people ask, “Why do you have so many children?” Pull out a hole-punch card and say, “Doctor says if we get to 11, the 12th one is free, Daddy loves a deal!”

—“If you’re going to choose to homeschool…
-Say goodbye to your dust rag
-Purchase at least one denim jumper- the homeschoolers uniform
-Put an ABC chart in your minivan because you will homeschool there.”

—“If you put two homeschoolers in a room, you’re going to get three opinions.”

—“There’s pressure in the homeschool community to have quiet, calm, perfectly-behaved children. Be set free from this pressure!! Don’t react harshly to your child because you’re worried about how YOU look to others- that’s called pride.”

—“There is no second-class status in God’s family.  You don’t have to feel inferior to someone who seemingly is a spiritual giant.”

—“Just like you don’t criticize a work of art before it’s completed, don’t criticize your child- God’s not done with them yet either.”

—“There are many advantages homeschoolers have over public school children.  For one, we don’t have to deal with our children being bullied on the school bus. 160,000 kids miss the bus daily to avoid bullying.  Truly an issue we don’t have to deal with.”

—“Don’t feel bad for your child if they are a sibling of a special needs child.  They have it easier than your child with special needs, they are the ones at an advantage even if you feel like you spend all your time on your SN child.  The sibling advantages:
-Less judgmental of others, they don’t think mom has to perpetually entertain them, they are more considerate of others that don’t fit in, they are independent creators that will grow up to do really neat things.”

—“You will always need patience, the need doesn’t go away, there will always be challenges that require patience.”

—“Your children are not really yours. It will change how you parent and homeschool when you realize you need to carry out GOD’S plan for your child, instead of your own.”

Notes from Todd Friel:

—“God is more interested in your holiness than in your comforts.”

—“God doesn’t say, ‘Oh, you’re a homeschool family, I’ll make your children behave perfectly.'”

Notes from Crystal Paine, Money Saving Mom:

—“Train your children so well at chores that they work you out of a job.”

—“Step back and look at all the work that needs to be done and realize your children are your God-given, built-in servants!  Homeschooling is a full-time job in and of itself, let your children do the chores.”  It is one of the best gifts her parents gave her, a strong work ethic.

—“It’s just a couch, it’s not worth anger or frustration or cutting into your daughter’s heart (young daughter put 5 cuts in the new couch using scissors).”

—“At the store when your children ask for something, simply say, “Did you bring your money?” If they have enough for something, let them buy most anything they choose. Later, when they get home and that $3 toy breaks, discuss the lessons of that.”  You don’t have to feel pressured to make a decision at the store whether or not to buy it, you ask them how much money they have.

—“It’s powerful for your kids to make a meal sacrifice (beans and rice for dinner) and give that money to children in absolute poverty.”

—“Shave 1-3% on your grocery bill next month. That’s do-able, achievable.”  Keep doing that until you reach a number that works well for your family.

—“To save money, just use less.  Use less meat, use it as a condiment instead of as a main (meat in a casserole/ soup instead of an entire meatloaf).  Use less laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, etc.  I don’t know who writes those bottle instructions, but you do not need that much soap!  Try running a load of laundry with no soap and you’ll probably still see suds because of all the extra soap lining your washing machine from previous loads.”

“If you get a foaming hand soap bottle (must be this kind), you can forever make your own foaming hand soap for pennies.  Put a little CLEAR liquid soap in the bottom, fill the rest with water.  Wa-lah, foaming hand soap!  You can even add a few drops essential oil if you want it scented.”  (I’m going to try this with my Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds!)


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