Cashew Dressing/ Veggie Dip/ Mayo Substitute/ Sour Cream Substitute

(I’ve posted this recipe before but thanks to MoneySavingMom, it recently had almost 500 views in one day!  It’s just so popular!  =)   So I wanted to repost for all my readers too!)  Thanks Sherry for sharing this recipe with me so long ago!

This is a vegan dressing (no dairy!) that is super healthy!  Have no guilt whatsoever for dipping endlessly or smothering your salad in this goodness!

If you make this recipe with less water, it’s thick like a dip.  If you add more water, it’s thin like a salad dressing.

When I make it thick, I use it as a sour cream substitute on things like tacos, mexican dishes, etc.  I also use it to make my mashed potatoes creamy.  And we use it like mayo on sandwiches and wraps too!

I haven’t bought sour cream or mayo in years!  This is all I’ve been using for mayo/ sour cream/ veggie dip for more than 6 years!  This recipe is a staple that’s pretty much always in my refrigerator.  If you’re tired of store-bought dressings/ condiments with high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils, try this superfood recipe!
Water (1 1/2 Cup or more for a Salad Dressing; as little as a 3/4 Cup if this is for a Dip/ Spread)

1 Cup Cashews (Raw if you can!) (OR for a variety in your diet, you can do 1/2 Cup Cashews and 1/2 Cup Sunflower Seeds (Raw!)

2 tsp Celtic Sea Salt (hello minerals!) (more to taste if desired)

1/2 tsp Pepper (more or less depending on how you like it, sometimes the more peppery batches taste better!)

1 tsp Fresh Onion Pieces,  (or more if you’d like, I use more)

1/4 cup Fresh Lemon Juice (you can use lemon juice from a jar, but I think fresh tastes way better)

1 Garlic Clove (or more if you’d like, so many health benefits to raw garlic!)

1/2 cup Coconut Oil  (Or you can do no oil and that’s good too. You can also use Organic Canola Oil- make sure it’s organic so you’re not getting GMO oil!)  (Coconut oil will make your dressing thicken up in the fridge since coconut oil turns solid at colder temps.  But you can always mix in a little more water later if you need to pour dressing on a salad and it got too thick in the fridge).

Optional- 3 Tbsp Flax Seeds (grind flax seeds separately right before adding using a little  coffee/spice grinder).  Eating flax on all your foods is very nutritious!

Optional- I like to add a few squirts of local, raw Honey as well.

Step One: Blend all ingredients, except the oil, until creamy  (Note:  I’ve never made this in a ‘regular’ blender, as I use a high-powered Vita-Mix, so work with it at your own desire!)  Get it nice and creamy, even if it takes a while!
Step Two: Drizzle in the oil slowly with the blender going on ‘high’ speed.

Step Three:  Let chill in fridge.

Sherry’s Original Recipe and she states:  “Note: You are welcome to use this recipe but if you publish it in any way you may not copyright it.  It is protected as an open source computer program would be.  If you make any changes I know others who use this recipe would like to hear about it. (Me included).”

DSCN9155 06-08-2014 114
I also like to add some balsamic vinegar to my salads!  Adds a little more zip!DSCN7758 DSCN7767


2 thoughts on “Cashew Dressing/ Veggie Dip/ Mayo Substitute/ Sour Cream Substitute

  1. we follow low salt and no salt for health reasons what fresh herbs would you reccommend adding to this recipe instead of the balsmic vineger or the sea salt to get that great same taste? Iam experimenting thankyou!

    1. Celtic SEA salt is really good for you (has minerals in it that are great). I do agree that conventional/ regular table salt is really bad for you and should be avoided. But for alternatives… what about kelp or kombu? Those are a “salty-flavored” seaweed. Not sure if that would work for you?? I only add the balsamic vinegar to my actual salad, so that’s not even in this recipe.

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