Quotes from Michael Farris

I recently read a book by Michael Farris, president of Home School Legal Defense Association.  Although the book was for Dads, it intrigued me so I jumped in.  He covered a wide variety of subjects and had some really good points that are worth repeating.

Quotes from “The Homeschooling Father” by Michael Farris:

“Let me say that I am all for a liberal arts education. I believe that this part of a home schooled child’s education should be fully completed by his or her parents before he or she leaves home.”  (Get your ‘liberal arts’ education at home, not by paying big bucks at college for it).

“I do not believe that college should be used as a substitute for a proper education in childhood. Build a base that is deep and wide at home and then use college primarily as preparation for a career. And pursue college alternatives that are available for the career path you have chosen.”

“If you were to choose only one method (college or apprenticeship), apprenticeship will beat classroom instruction every time.”

“When we talked and planned in the 1950s and 1960s we never dreamed that secular humanism, New Age curriculum, or condoms would be the subjects of instruction in the public schools.”

“Don’t just pay big money for college and assume you did what was best for your child. That same $50,000 could start up your child’s small business instead of buying English literature. Don’t pay extra so your children can learn philosophy and a Christian world-view, those should be taught at home. If you want your children to have supplemental, specialized training in developing a Christian worldview, send them to the two-week program offered by Summit Ministries. If you want them to spend some time getting well rounded and enlarging their frame of reference, send them on a short-term missions project to another culture.”

“I am simply urging that the majority of the time and expense of college should be spent for career preparation, not personal enrichment.”

“The vast majority of people engage in dating based on the criteria that the other person is interesting and attractive. We teach our daughters to only pursue a relationship when both the young man and the daughter are prepared for marriage and that he appears to meet the spiritual standards the parents and daughter have agreed upon for a husband. Dads, your first job in this area is to secure your children’s commitment to following these principles in relations with the opposite sex. Don’t wait until they are 16-17. You will have waited far too long.”  (Talk to your children about purity from very young ages and repeat many times over).

“By the time I was in junior high, some of my friends were engaging in sexual intercourse. After all, they had been “going with girls” for years and were tired of waiting for “the real thing.”

“The vast majority of parents want their children to abstain from sexual relationships until marriage. However, we have failed to see that abstinence should include emotional abstinence as well. In other words, if we permit our children to develop boyfriend-girlfriend relationships before they are ready to get married, we are simply asking for sexual temptation.”

“We can’t ask our children to stay sexually pure while allowing them to be engaged in emotional romance and playing the boyfriend/ girlfriend game in elementary and junior high schools.”

“Preparing your sons for marriage: A man is not ready for marriage until he is ready to work and take care of his family’s finances.”


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