Chucking College

I recently heard Melanie Ellison, author of “Chucking College” speak and thought she had such great points on college educations.

High cost of college, massive amounts of student loan debt, wasted time learning things that don’t matter, loss of income while attending school, absence of hands-on apprenticeship skills that are very valuable in the marketplace, and the obvious horrid influences of alcohol and partying, among other things.

Yes, some jobs require a degree but Americans waste THOUSANDS of dollars on “higher education” while ignoring the most valuable assets to an employer… a hard work ethic, dependability, a sharp mind, entrepreneurership, and SKILLS that they gained by WORKING in that field. There are plenty of options to study specific fields (at home, online, certification programs, apprenticeship, etc). A 6-year, expensive degree is most often not a company requirement!

This HILARIOUS video about sums it up.


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