Banana Popsicles!

Okay, these are just too yummy!

Step One:  Let a banana really ripen to where it’s got a lot of  brown spots (this means it’ll be real sweet).  Then open it and cut in half (the small round middle cut, not the long lengthwise type of cut).  Take a popsicle stick or some other form of sticking device (haha) and gently poke it into the banana.  You’ll want to poke it in on the flat side right where your knife cut.  That way you’ll have a nice angled popsicle-like top.  We also tried a wooden chopstick and that was fun, to have a long-sticked popsicle!

Step Two:  Put your banana stick in a container with a lid and freeze.  Or just wrap with wax paper and put in a larger sealed baggie.  (If you’re just going to freeze for a couple hours and then immediately serve you don’t need to worry about sealing, that’s just to prevent it from frost bite).

Step Three:  Eat this sweet little popsicle!

This is quite a refreshing treat, even if bananas aren’t your thing.  For me, it doesn’t taste like I’m just eating fruit, it really does taste like a sweet frozen treat!

Step Four:  Repeat Steps One through Three!


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