We Didn’t Celebrate “Easter”

Realizing more fully this year that Resurrection Sunday has absolutely nothing to do with bunnies, eggs, chicks, or colorful grass, we celebrated totally different!  And will continue for all the years here on out!  We focused on the Resurrection of Jesus!!  Not on candy or toys or egg dyes.  But on the fact that Christ defeated death… forever!!

Thanks to this family’s e-book, I was inspired to celebrate this way…

We started preparing for our feast on Saturday.  On Sunday we went to church and heard the wonderful account of what Jesus actually did for us through His life, death, and Resurrection.  Then we came home and had a lovely (and healthy!) feast to celebrate!  We had grass-fed roasted lamb and veggies, regular hummus, roasted red pepper hummus, pita bread, mediterranean pasta salad, greek salad, and garlic roasted potatoes!  So yummy!
DSCN8375 DSCN8372 DSCN8373DSCN8374Later, hubby read us verses in the Bible about Jesus’ empty tomb and Him appearing to many!  Then we had family communion time, so precious and meaningful.

Then we got a basin of hot water and washed each others feet, as Jesus did his disciples.  What a beautiful act of serving!  We washed the person who was the next in line younger than us.  So at the end of the line was our 2-year-old baby girl and she got to start back at the top of the line and wash Dada’s feet.  Oh my, it was so precious!!  Then she put oil on her hands and rubbed oil into his clean feet.  Treasured, sweet moment.

So fun and meaningful to CELEBRATE that Jesus is our LIVING Savior!!  We didn’t even miss the bunnies and eggs and toys that we’re used to every year!

I’m still in awe that Jesus lay dead, then one morning literally got up and walked out of his very own tomb!!  Can you even imagine what that day was like?  Wowzers! 

From NoGreaterJoyDad

What’s the difference between Christianity and all other religions?

Three words…





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