Flashlight Hide and Seek

Want to have a blast bonding with your children!?  We have had SO much fun playing this recently!

Flashlight Hide and Seek!

Give each family member a flashlight (can rotate when it’s their turn to count).  When it gets dark outside, turn off all the lights in the house.  Have a couple of people close their eyes and count so that the other family members can hide.  Parents have to hide too!  The seekers can shine their flashlight to find the ones that are hiding.

We like to yell “Gotcha” when we find someone!  Everyone busts out laughing and smiling!

It’s also VERY fun to play this outside when it gets dark!

A side benefit of playing this is empowering your child not to be afraid of the dark.  One of my boys normally won’t go downstairs alone in the dark.  But somehow when we play this game he has absolutely no fear and will explore the whole house with his flashlight!


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