I’m Not SuperWoman

I did set a lot of goals this year and I am hitting most of them so far.  Some days I feel like a total champ.  Yah for those!  And others I feel like I barely got out of my pj’s!  Oh wait, I’m still in my pj’s and it’s 3:15pm!  Lest you think I’m not human, here’s some things I DON’T do.

I first heard of the idea of having a “don’t-do” list rather than a “to-do” list from MoneySavingMom.  I really like the idea, it’s so freeing!  I don’t have to keep up with Mrs. Jones, especially in these areas!  No guilt!

I don’t sew.  Like… ever.

I don’t do adult-level crafts.  I do children’s ones, but no scrapbooking, quilt making, gorgeous decorating, etc.

I don’t really watch TV.  We do watch DVD’s as a family and I do have a collection of DVD’s I let my children watch.  But even with our own collection of DVD’s, I don’t spend much time at ALL glued to the tube.

We don’t do more than one outside activity/ sport at a time.  This isn’t per person.  This is total, as a family.  We do things as a family so when one is signed up, we’re all signed up.

I don’t hunt down deals like I used to.  If I see a great deal, of course I’ll consider it.  But I don’t go scurrying around for the best price as much as I used to.

I only use coupons that easily cross my path.  I don’t spend more than 3 minutes a week on coupons.  If it requires more than 3-4 clicks to get it to my printer, I skip it.

I don’t do Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, etc.  And as of a couple of weeks ago I would have said I don’t do Facebook either.  But I finally gave in on that one and joined.

I don’t go shopping for fun.  I dislike malls for a multitude of reasons (mostly the immodesty and immorality), but I also gain no satisfaction in shopping for fun.  Actually, I need someone to help me go shop for an outfit every now and then because honestly, I find it a total drag to try on clothes and figure out what to get.  (And remember, I don’t sew!)  I keep a shopping list on my fridge and get in and out of stores as quickly as possible.  Perhaps this has something to do with having four children age 6 and under, who knows?!  🙂

I don’t iron clothes.  I can count on one hand the number of times a year I handwash something.  And since I refuse to use bad chemicals in my home, I really don’t treat stains either!  We buy most of our clothes at garage sales and thrift stores.  So if something gets torn or stained, it either becomes play clothes or it’s out the door.

Most days, I don’t have dinner ready on time.  I’m so thankful for hubby coming home and helping me get food on the table!  We do eventually eat.  🙂

Okay, funny story time… I’ve been babysitting our sweet neighbor friend who is 6 years old and very bright.  This morning when she came over, she asked me why I had moved our kitchen table near the kitchen sink.  I told her I was washing dishes and since my counters were full I needed some place to set the ones I wash.  She said, “Your counters are always full every time I come over!”  Haha, I cracked up laughing.  I don’t know, I don’t want to admit to that one, but she’s probably right.  We get behind on dishes often.  She said her counters are always cleared off.  She must have SuperWoman for a Mama!  🙂


6 thoughts on “I’m Not SuperWoman

  1. HA! NO way am I super woman. YOU my dear friend are. Thank you so much for helping me with Melanie. My counters may be cleared off but I also have help from Duane and my dishwasher. HA!

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