Cinnamon Ginger Tea

This is the most delightful drink.  A total pick-me-up for the morning, afternoon, or evening!  Kind of reminds me of having one of those red cinnamon hot candies.  But the tea is so much healthier!!

Recipe taken from Rosemary Gladstar’s Medicinal Herbs, A Beginner’s Guide

1 teaspoon chopped Cinnamon Bark (I like to grind up cinnamon sticks and use the fresh powder, your home will smell amazing!)

1 teaspoon freshly grated Gingerroot (I mince the ginger in my garlic press)


To Make the Tea:
Pour 1 cup boiling water over the herbs.  Cover and let steep for 30-45 minutes.  Strain, sweeten with honey to taste.

My sweet friend Michelle shared this recipe with me and both her and I have made this many times, oh so good.  Here are some of our tips…

—I bought some cotton reusable tea bags and put my minced ginger and ground cinnamon in one of these baggies and I let it sit in the hot water for 45 minutes.  Perfect, and nothing to strain!

—If you don’t have a reusable tea bag, once your herbs have steeped, you can strain the tea through cheese cloth or an old, thin kitchen rag.  🙂

I like to use a whole big knob of ginger, instead of just 1 teaspoon, and about 2 long sticks worth of cinnamon.  Then I can boil a whole pan of water to make about a pitcher’s worth of tea.  You may need to dilute with water if the tea is too strong for you.  I like it strong!

—After filling up my pitcher, I put on another pan of hot water and steep the tea with the same herbs again… and again… maybe even again!  I keep getting multiple batches of tea out of my initial work!

—Stir in the honey while the tea is still warm so that it will mix well.

—The tea is also delightful when cold after letting it sit in the fridge!


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