Why Homeschool? The Gift of Time

Why Homeschool

Click on over to read this precious homeschool article.  Here are my favorite excerpts…

“Time is most precious and it slips through our fingers on a daily basis.  I try to slow it down, but it’s so fast. Everything in life demands more of our time—gardens, meals, organizing, cleaning, friendships, church responsibilities, lesson planning, insert here ________.”

“I openly share that some days are messy and we don’t know where to begin;  life can get that way.  But even on the messy days I still have my children with me, by my side.  We have time to talk.  Even if we’re doing housework, we talk.  Big, hard, thick questions about life, the world, Jesus.  We get into the deep stuff over oatmeal.  If the math makes the brain hurt, we go jump on the trampoline and eat a popsicle – that usually fixes most dilemmas.  When tempers flair as brother upsets sister {or most likely sister upsets brother}, we talk it out and pray big prayers.”

“We know our children’s strengths and weaknesses. We don’t find out about these areas from a teacher’s note, SOL’s, or report card. With the Holy Spirit’s help, we refine the strengths, we develop where they are weak.  We learn and grow together.”

“There’s still more time, even though I feel days rushing past, than if we were all running in different directions every day.  At least we run, and slow down, together.”


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