January/ February Goals Update

Time to update you on my 2014 goals!  Not that you care, but it’s good accountability for me.  🙂

I’m hammering away at them, here’s my progress…

Mothering/ Marriage/ Homemaking:
Make a Proverbs list.  Haven’t started this yet.

One handwritten note per month to someone in family (husband, child).  Done for January and February, super special.

Two read-a-loud chapter books per month with older children.  We’ve read six for this year so far and the one we’re currently in is a really thick book of stories, will probably count it as 3-4 chapter books when we’re done with it.

Only 15 Minutes for Computer on Mondays.  I’ve done pretty well at this.  On Mondays, I’m finding I have more time for games and activities with the children, which is an excellent replacement for computer time!  Instead of setting a timer for exactly 15 minutes, I kind of just do the most minimal that I can on the computer.  No reading blogs that I follow or non-personal emails, etc. 

Bible with children- Read at mealtimes, Continue to add new memory verses, Read Bible story book and role play.  We’re working through the book of Joshua, have 162 memorized verses up on our walls and we’re working our way through our 101 Favorite Stories from the Bible book.  So we’re on track!

Every Saturday, have a planning session for each day of next week.  This has been great and really keeping me on top of things.  It takes about 10 minutes of my Saturday and that’s it! 

Personal Growth:
Read 1/2 the Bible- Way ahead of schedule!  I’ve completed Genesis through Deuteronomy, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, and some Psalms. 

Read 24 books- On track.  I read 6 books in January and 6 in February.  My favorite read was Follow Me by David Platt.  Plus I got caught up on all my Above Rubies magazines, AFA Journals, and AIG newsletters- the three non-book things that I read every issue of! 

Record 1,000 Gifts- things I’m thankful for.  I’ve recorded 355 blessings for the year so far.

Pray genuinely for the needs of others at a set time each week (10 minutes, morning time).  I’ve got a prayer wall with lots of people’s names and needs from around the world up on the wall going up our stairs!  Did this every week!

Witnessing x12- Share the Gospel with at least 12 strangers in 2014.  None yet this year.  File:icon sad.gif  We get out a little more in warm weather so maybe this spring/ summer I can do better at this goal. 

Pray for the entire world using online calendarOn track with this!

Do 3 months no sugar.  I’m still allowed to have my natural sweeteners- honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, and coconut sugar.  I use no other sweeteners.  I’m on my A-game, I have had no sugar since the chocolate chip cookies I ate on December 31st!  Oh, I remember those cookies, they were tasty.  🙂

Do a separate 3 months with only 1 sugar insult per week- Will do this after my above 3 months is over.

15 salads per month- I met this goal in January and February.  I know many people eat a salad every single day, that’s awesome.  If I had older hands that could help me wash, peel, chop, blend, etc, I would probably have a salad daily as well.  But it’s a lot of prep work for me to make my hearty salads.  I don’t like the pre-packaged lettuce, it’s not crisp.  I like to buy loose lettuce, tastes better.  But it requires washing, chopping, etc.  I am thankful for my salad spinner though, it can store 3-4 days worth of salad in the fridge and keep it pretty fresh!  Sometimes I’m jealous of you large families that have older children that cook so much!  With my four children being 6 and under, my husband and I do 98% of all food prep around here!  The good thing though is that when I do have my salads, they are huge.  My bowl is a 2 quart mixing bowl!
DSCN7758And my six year old eats a pretty hefty salad with me at lunch!…
DSCN7767We mostly do Romaine lettuce, spinach leaf, carrots that we ground up in the food processor, kalamata olives, basalmic vinegar, and homemade cashew ranch dressing.

Briskly walk on treadmill (or outside) at least 4 times each week for at least 49 weeks of the year, at least 30 minutes each session.  Wa-hoo, I’ve met this goal every week so far!  I exercised 22 times in January, 19 (maybe 20 if I do so today) in February.  Plus I’ve been doing my push-ups and rebounding and stretching!

Goals I didn’t tell you about at the beginning of the year…
Do at least 25 Children’s Crafts/ Activities with my children.  My children really like doing crafts so I want to make sure I do this for them.  Well, we’ve done 9, I’m happy with that number, that’s about 1 per week.

Try to live more minimalist and keep clutter to a minimum by getting rid of 7 things per week.  By week four of this year, this was hard.  So I cleaned out the toy storage and got carried away, thankfully.  I got rid of enough junk to fulfill this goal until May!  Yikes! 


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