The Beauty of a Baby

“I have seen the majestic beauty of Pike’s peak.  I have beheld massive waves pounding the shore.  I have walked in the morning mist of a tropical jungle.  I have experienced stunning architecture, hundreds of years old.  But, never have I had a view as great as this.  The perfection of each tiny toenail, the softness of his skin, the engineering of his ever developing brain, the shimmer of his auburn hair.”

“And when his eyes light up with joy and his cheeks burst forth in a dimply smile, the sun pales in comparison!  All the music of a thousand symphonies here in my house!  All the wonders of the universe, here in my home!  How is it that I am entrusted with the crowning jewel of all of God’s creation?”

-Anne Brandenburg, Above Rubies Magazine, Issue #88, Sign up for the FREE magazine here. 

Emily bench


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