Middle School S*x Poster

I was recently sent this news article about a poster hung in a middle school classroom.

On the door of a classroom in Kansas, the poster reads:

“How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings?”

The list on the poster says:

“Oral S*x

S*xual Fantasy


Anal S*x




Holding Hands


Cuddling on the Couch


Touching Each Others Genitals


Vaginal Intercourse


Saying ‘I like you’


A 13-year old girl took a picture of the poster to show her parents at home.  They were outraged!  What Christian, loving parent wouldn’t be?

Does this not teach Middle Schoolers that it is okay to express their feelings in these ways?  It completely normalizes these behaviors for students, letting them know that it’s okay to do any of these things.

This is what our teens/ pre-teens are being taught in public school!  And actually, Planned Parenthood is heavily involved in s*x-ed programs, it does get worse than this; teaching condom use, handing out condoms, abortion options being taught, etc.

Parents, we’re living in a s*xually immoral society.  If you can keep your child home and homeschool, I greatly encourage it.

I love how Ken Ham, with Answers in Genesis says it:  Yes, Christians should be salt and light in this world.  That means Christians should be involved in teaching and in administration in public schools.  That does not mean that you should put your spiritually young child in the world’s system of education to be indoctrinated with everything anti-God. 

I pray more and more Christians would get their children out of public schools, let’s show the world that we’re not interested in their anti-God agenda.

I know some parents say they don’t want to shelter their child.  There are genuine parents who heavily invest in their child’s life, guiding them to Christ at every turn.  But even for this kind of involved parent, sending your child off to public school 7 hours a day creates a massive amount of worldly influence on your child.

From cussing, s*xual immorality, being indoctrinated with evolution, homos*xuality, emphasis on self-esteem more than reliance on God, peer pressure, dirty jokes, bullying, the list really does go on and on.  Honestly, I really see no honor being given to God in the public school system by and large.

(I will say though, there are many wonderful Christian teachers in the public school system and I’m so thankful for that!  But teachers often have their hands tied behind their backs when it comes to being open about their faith.  They can’t change the system and laws on a federal or state level.  But yes, they can be light in a dark, flawed system and I really am so grateful for that.)


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