Say Goodbye to Survival Mode!

You’ve all heard me talk about MoneySavingMom before, Crystal Paine.  Her new book hit the shelves yesterday!  I got the chance to read it before it was released!  By the way, she’s offering freebies and giveaways this week if you go purchase her book!

Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Although I don’t necessarily live in “survival mode,” (although don’t we all at times?!) I thoroughly enjoyed her book!  It was very practical and I walked away with many new ideas and lots of motivation and encouragement to help me live life even fuller!  Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book…

“You don’t have to stay perpetually overwhelmed and exhausted, barely existing in survival mode anymore.  You can start living with direction and passion.”

“I didn’t stop the insanity… I wore a plastic smile and continued to say yes  to everything.”

“Yes, there are moments when I want to dig out my Superwoman cape to impress others…  But when I remember how empty and exhausted it felt… it’s okay never to wear the cape again.”

“Living with intention means saying no to the things that aren’t important to us so we can say yes to what matters most.”

In the book, Crystal gives a list of things she does NOT do!  How awesome to admit and show proof that you are not Supewoman.  That is so genuine and sweet and lowers the bar for all of us out there that constantly want to raise the bar.  Psst… She doesn’t pack her husband’s lunches every day!

“For us, it’s not about saving money so we can continuously upgrade our lifestyle and always be buying bigger and better things.  We want to live beneath our means so that we are able to give generously to others.”  “There’s a world of need around us.  The more we steward our money well, the more abundance we will have to meet those needs.  The more we save, the more we have to give.”

In the book, Crystal shared a story about how her mom used to have her clean their house plants with cotton balls when she was little!  Hilarious!  But she draws such a sweet lesson out of it!  I really enjoyed reading this story!

“Something happens when you have children.  Toys are everywhere.  Your home can quickly get hijacked by colorful blocks, plastic figures, puzzle pieces, chewed-on books, and game pieces… Even though before you had your little ones, you promised yourself your home would not become a toy jungle, it happened.”  “The fact is, having children means your home will be filled with playthings.  It comes with the territory.”

You’ll have to get the book to read her section on “Focus on Contentment versus Consumerism!”  Good stuff!!

“Failure isn’t proof that you’re a loser, a mess-up, or someone who will never get it together.  On the contrary, failure is evidence that you’re trying.”

“The problem… was trying to cram 32 hours’ worth of projects into a 24 hour day.”

“I used to think that burning the midnight oil and getting by on only a fistful of sleep would make me more productive.”

“So many of us try to find fulfillment and self-worth in piling our plates too high.”

“All of a sudden, sticking with a budget wasn’t just about us; it was about others.  Through this humbling experience, we found the ultimate heartbeat for our finances- living simply so we can give generously.  The more we save, the more we have to give.  I came home with so much more passion, purpose, and motivation for clipping coupons, shopping sales, buying used goods, saving more, and spending less.”

Awww… you’ll have to read Crystal’s story of how she was washing the dishes and all of a sudden got the idea to give away ALL the proceeds from her first book, amazing!

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.”

She shared a story from another family in her book that really hit home with me personally (since we just adopted!)… “A few years ago, our family… adopted… and had three children in less than two years… Although I am accustomed to living a high-octane life… this time I did not spring back like normal.”   I love the advice/ lesson Crystal gave this mother.

Taking care of yourself is not “about being selfish or self-absorbed.  In fact, many times when you direct your attention toward yourself and practice self-care, you become a better person all around.  You transform into a more energetic mom, a more attentive spouse, a more tuned-in friend… instead of a stressed-out, frazzled mess.”

“Taking care of your health should be a top priority.  Just ask anyone who suffers from chronic pain or a debilitating disease.  They know how important good health is because they battle with pain and sickness every day.  When you go through a health setback, everything else falls to the wayside.  All the things you thought were once important seem meaningless and you would give anything to be healthy again.”

In the book, she shares about the importance and practical tips you can do to get reenergized and become more productive and passionate about life.  Get the book to get all her tips!

Her lesson behind “Are you actually doing something or just moving furniture around?” really hit home with me!

“You are never going to be exactly where you want to be.  There will always be another project, another chore, another task, or another idea to get started… So don’t beat yourself up that you’re not as far as you’d like to be.  Instead, be kind to yourself and give yourself grace.”

-“Remember you are not superwoman…”

-“Get hold of your finances for the right reasons and manage your money purposefully.”

-“Take care of your home and day-to-day responsibilities in a simple way so you have time to do things that matter most.”

-“Start taking care of you.  If you don’t put a priority on your health and mental sanity, you will pay for it now and later.”


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