2014 Goals

I’m trying to follow Money Saving Mom and  Michael Hyatt’s criteria for setting goals, although I do have more than the recommended 7-10 just because some of these things are a given and aren’t necessarily going to be hard for me to achieve.  But I need them written down so that I do actually do them.

Mothering/ Marriage/ Homemaking:
Make a Proverbs list– This just sounds fun to me so wanted to try it!

One handwritten note per month to someone in family (husband, child)

Two read-a-loud chapter books per month with older children- I find myself slacking in reading books to my children so I want to be more intentional with that this year.

No computer Mondays- Yikes, I really don’t know about this one.  But it made hubby smile when I told him about it.  And it’s good to unplug and take a weekly fast.  (Edit:  I am going to allow myself to set a timer for 15 minutes only to do any quick tasks on Mondays).

Bible with children– Read at mealtimes, Continue to add new memory verses, Read Bible story book and role play.

Every Saturdayplanning session for each day of next week (per Money Saving Mom’s recommendation)- I just started this about 5 weeks ago and it’s been revolutionary for me!  Really keeping me on track and focused!  For each day of the next week, I write down anything that’s on the calendar, goals I need to work on, to-do items that need done, things to remember, etc, etc, etc.  Making this list for each week has been so helpful!  A 10-15 minutes well-spent!

Personal Growth:
Read 1/2 the Bible– Although I read the Bible in a year last year, I have 4 children age 6 and under now and I’m trying to be realistic in what I can do.  On another note, I’m excited to be reading from a chronological Bible in 2014!

Read 24 books– Again, not sure that I can hit the 41 that I did in 2013, so trying to be realistic in setting this goal.

Record 1,000 Gifts– things I’m thankful for.  Thankfulness breeds contentment.

Pray genuinely for the needs of others at a set time each week (10 minutes- morning time)- I’ve got a prayer wall with lots of people’s names and needs from around the world already up!

Witnessing x12– Share the Gospel with at least 12 strangers in 2014.  If you lack sweaty palms and a racing heart, add this goal to your list!

Pray for the entire world using online calendar.

Do 3 months no sugar– This one’s going to take some discipline but I’m up for the challenge!  Hold me accountable, okay?  🙂

Do a separate 3 months with only 1 sugar insult per week (1 pack of cookies for example)- Again, just trying to limit that sugar intake because some stressful weeks I probably consume more than one pack of cookies.  😦   You’re not judging me are you?

15 salads per month– This one is going to be at least somewhat of a challenge but I’m excited to add so many raw greens to my diet!  And every single huge bowl I eat will be topped with either my homemade organic olive oil dressing or mostly raw, vegan ranch dressing!

Exercise at least 4 times each week for at least 49 weeks of the year.  Hubby got us a used treadmill from a sweet family in the area!  No excuses now!

Do you have any goals for 2014?  Write them down!  Make them specific, make them measurable, make them challenging but achievable!  Don’t let 2014 be another year that flies by with nothing to show for it.  Do things that will count in the long-run! 


3 thoughts on “2014 Goals

  1. Yikes! Your list seems so long. I hope you can get to all your goals. I have a goal of reading 25 books (although my book list is so much longer lol). I’d love to know what books you are planning on reading. Do you have a specific link to the Money Saving Mom post about Saturday planning? I need a bit more detail, sounds like an idea. Thanks for posting.

    1. Actually, the idea is from her new book, “Say Goodbye to Survival Mode.” I got to read a pre-release copy! Here’s some of the books I hope to read soon: Loving the Little Years, Fit to Burst, 20 Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Parents Knew, Platform, Are We There Yet?, Adoption is a Family Affair, Parenting from the Inside Out, Start, Eat That Frog, and Calm My Anxious Heart (a few of those have come from MSM’s recommendations. 🙂

      1. Nice list. I couldn’t find Start. Platform by Michael Hyatt? I found that book just recently online and already added it to my list. Thanks for the recommendations 🙂 I just got a book in the mail that I ordered called Beyond Bath Time by Erin Davis. It’s a Revive Our Hearts book. I’ll be following your blog now. Mine is http://maidservantblog.wordpress.com if you ever get a chance 🙂

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