2013 Goals

I announced my goals on this blog at the beginning of 2013 and kept you mostly up-to-date.  I may  not have done a perfect job, but I sure did more than if I hadn’t set any goals in the first place!  I’ve enjoyed reading about goal setting from Michael Hyatt and Money Saving Mom.  I’ve been reminded of some tips on goal setting and am excited about tweaking some of my goals to be more achievable for 2014.

Meal Plan at least once per month. Hmm, well…  I’ve decided to not beat myself up over this goal.  I don’t like to meal plan and when I do I feel like we don’t even stick with it very well.  But, I am really good at whipping out meals with what I have.  I know what ingredients to pick up at the store for certain meals that we make.  So I’m giving myself grace on this one.  I do keep a running grocery list on my fridge of regular items we run out of.  If I hear of a new recipe I want to try, I jot the ingredients down on my shopping list.  So whenever it’s time to go to the grocery store, I have a good list to go by.  I beat myself up over this goal too much in 2013 but now that I know that it’s okay to do what works best for me and my family, I’m  basking in the freedom and grace!

Read the Bible daily with children at mealtimes plus continue with Memory Verse work and Bible story time.  Did great in 2013!

Follow homeschool lesson plans (follow daily list of things to work on with each child).  Did great!  My three year old can read well, my six year old has started multiplication.  Now if I could get my 19 month and 2 year old to learn the difference between red and blue!  I recently read about a family who enrolls their children in college classes by age TWELVE!!  I bought and read their e-book and am SO inspired!  Not inspired to send my children to public university, but inspired to let them finish high school early!  Surely it doesn’t take four long years to get through basic high school material, that’s the faulty public school way of doing things!  Homeschoolers can do whatever they want at whatever pace they want!  And that usually means accelerated learning!  By the way, you’ll really enjoy their e-book if you decide to purchase it!

Read through the entire KJV Bible for my third time (three chapters per day) Waa-hoo, finished at the end of November!

Record 1,000 gifts from God (things to be thankful for)- His grace and love and blessings in my life.  I have about 2100 gifts recorded!

Pray for every country of the world with my children.  Pray for the needs of others both locally and globally.  We followed along with an email program to pray for countries around the world and used prayer sticks (craft sticks with people’s names written on them) to cover other needs, our friends, and our family.  For the month of December, we did Advent for Orphans and got to pray for so many areas of the world and the needs of orphans!!

Follow my daily routine and weekly checklist. (This is my list of things I need to do each day like exercise, take vitamins, homeschool, housework, etc) Good enough, not too shabby.

Read at least one book per month.  I finished 41 books in 2013!  We adopted our son from China in August and my reading slowed down big time after that.  But at 41, that’s super exciting to me!  I learned a ton and grew by leaps and bounds!

Hand-write a special, personal note to either my husband or one of my children each month.  Done.  I sure loved doing this.  Very sweet.

Do one healthy detox thing for my health each month.  Eh, didn’t do so good on this goal. 

Go on at least one field trip each month with my children. Well, our whole family went to China for 16 days in August, surely that counts as enough for the whole year!  Haha.  Looking back at my calendar, we have done things here and there since August, so I think I could count this goal as completed.

Meet exercise goals.  (This includes walking, rebounding, and doing strengthening exercises).  I did okay, could have done better though.  This has been a challenge because with four children now, I can’t get everyone on a double stroller (although I can get three!) so it’s harder to get out with everyone.  Especially if it’s too cold or too hot out, no one wants to go with me.  Anyone have a treadmill for sale?

Share the love of Jesus with at least one stranger per month by having a one-on-one conversation with someone I’ve never met! Wow, this goal has challenged me for sure.  I didn’t want to set this goal, I’d rather not count and just say, “Yeah, I witness to people.”  But counting them has made sure I actually DO what I say.  I spoke openly about what it means to be saved with 22 people on 10 separate occasions.

Have an awesome marriage by reading marriage books together, having date nights, speaking honorably to each other, doing nice things for each other, etc.  Six of my books this year were marriage books and many others helped with marriage as well.  When you read a parenting book or a book on Christian growth, it definitely spills over into the marriage relationship as well.  So lots of growth this year!

Go on at least one family vacation to build memories and enjoy each other.  Took a smaller trip to the ocean early summer and then a huge family trip to China in August.

Do one month of NO sugar (I can still have my healthier homemade sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, etc) (This goal is for no white sugar and all its disguising ingredients like dextrose, fructose, evaporated cane juice, high fructose corn syrup,etc.  Also, no fruit juice sweetened items or fruit juice itself).  Did this for the whole month of January and February and for 2 weeks in April and 2 weeks in July.  I don’t buy white sugar so I never cook with anything except my natural sweeteners anyway.  But… when Newman O’s are on sale, this girl has a hard time resisting.  Sugar is so addictive, which is the reason I’d like it to be completely out of my diet.  I will continue to decrease this more and more.  Sorry Newman O’s, you have GOT to go!  Oh, and you too Alden’s Organic Icecream.

Eat at least 20 salads a month!  Raw lettuce, raw veggies, and my ‘mostly raw’ dressing!  I started this goal mid-year, in May.  I did great in May, June, and July and then stopped counting after our adoption because life got crazy.  I think I did pretty good though even in the months I didn’t track it.

Hospitality/ Having a guest over- do this at least 12 times in 2013!  I did lots of hospitality things in 2013, so very content with the results of this goal.

Reduce my computer time.   My children do this one for me!  

How did you do on your 2013 goals??  I’ve been taking notes about what to set for my 2014 goals for WEEKS and am so excited to start them in January!  If you’re new to goal setting or you always seem to fail, check out Michael Hyatt for quality information on goal setting and how to actually carry out the things that matter most to you.

I will share my 2014 goals with you soon!


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