Organized for a Purpose

I REALLY enjoy being organized!  I’m not always as organized as I’d like to be, but I have come so far from where I used to be.  I used to be more of a free spirit (as Dave Ramsey calls it) but now my hubby and I are Mr. and Mrs. Type A, for sure!  🙂

With a schedule in place, a written to-do list in my hand, and a place for everything, life runs so much smoother!  I’m still not as organized as my hubby, but he’s working on me!  Money Saving Mom has also taught me a lot in these areas over the past few years!  Being organized means I can do more things that matter to me, I can do more for others, and I can be dependable to friends and family.  I can put more meaningful things on my plate because my plate is neatly organized.  (Well, most of the time!)

I used to be a paper junkie with 100 projects that needed done “someday.”  2012 was a big turnaround for me, I ruthlessly got rid of stuff… and papers… and projects.  It felt so good!  So freeing!  I still get buried in stuff from time to time, but doing that one huge clean-up of my life has meant that I’m always within reach of getting on top of things.  Maintenance is a lot easier if you start with a clean slate at some point!

If you’re not where you want to be, don’t be discouraged!  Take it one little step at a time, maybe over the course of a year (a 2014 goal for ya?!), you can (like I did)  get your piles and messes all whipped into shape!

I really liked this list of 7 Things That May Be Lost Due to Disorder by Kelly from The First Commandment

“You can lose a lot more than just matching socks….lol! This list is not intended to make anyone feel bad.  I myself have lost all 7 of these things at one time or another.” 🙂

1) Time Time is lost when you cannot find things that you need.
2) Space- Space is lost because there is clutter taking it up.
3) Money- Money is lost because you will purchase things you already have.  Additionally things you do have are more likely to spoil or become broken in a cluttered environment.
4) Blessings-Blessings are lost because we will not let go of things to give to those who are in need; because we are in fear of needing it ourselves in the future.
5) Good Relationships Good relationships are lost as a result of not being dependable to those we love because everything around us is in disarray.
6) Opportunities – Opportunities to serve others are lost because we cannot pull our own selves together.
7) Sanity- Sanity is lost as a result of losing items 1-6.

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