Giving Up His Smart Phone

My husband and I heard Todd, the Family Man, Wilson at a homeschool conference earlier this year.  We’ve really enjoyed receiving his email newsletters and reading his books also!  I encourage you to sign up for his emails (or at least ask your husband to sign up!)  My husband is picky about what he signs up with to receive by email, but he reads every one of Todd’s emails!  And get his books if you can!  Short and powerful.  I really liked this post of his about giving up his smart phone!  The signature part is hilarious at the end if you read the whole article!  I guess I laughed so hard because that is so me!  My husband and I don’t have internet phones, we don’t even have text messaging.  No games or apps (I hardly know what an app even is)!  So about all I can do is check the time too!

Hey Dad,
Well, we’re four days away from the Fall Loop. We’re going to cover some ground and will be passing near Knoxville, Atlanta, Pensacola, and most of Florida. Would love to see you if you’re nearby.

I’ve been working on the Familyman Mobile like a an RV-elf trying to get it road-ready. I always get nervous and would appreciate your prayers over the next month. Pray for the RV mechanical stuff and more importantly, the dad/husband behind the wheel.

On the Technology front: I have officially given up my wonderfully, handy smart phone in favor of a hard-to-use, unglamorous…dad-phone. I use to have the world at my fingertips, with email, Facebook, maps, and the world wide web…now, my only feature is a clock.

I’ll be honest; the first week was hard. I went through smart phone withdrawals…but now, I’m doing OK. In fact, I went a couple of days without even touching my cell phone, because what’s the use…I didn’t need to make any calls, and I can look at the clock on the wall for the time.

And here-in is the payoff for getting rid of my Iphone buddy. My phone was sucking my ‘dad-attention’ away from my family. I know some dads are able to follow their self-imposed limits…but I knew the only way I would do it is if I eliminated the temptress.

I’ve seen the value already. Now when I sit in the van waiting for my wife, I talk to my kids instead of checking my email. When I sit on the couch, I listen to my daughter ramble on about her Christmas list instead of checking my Facebook page. When I go to the bathroom, I go there because I have to GO, not as an excuse to check my phone.

I’m telling you, I’ve eliminated one of the dad-attention suckers. There are others out there, but I can cross this big one off the list. Dad, don’t get me wrong; I’m not telling you to do the same thing…but if you feel like your smart phone (or anything else, like a hobby, job, or activity) is sucking your dad-(or husband)-attention, THEN DO THE SAME!!!!!

You ‘da dad…the time is 8:41,


PS – The same goes for any of you illegal reading moms!!!


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