Shocking Billboard I Saw

We were driving the other day and you’ll never believe what I saw on a billboard?

On the way home, I tried to catch a picture of it…
It says “No attorney fees.  Get divorced. for as little as $149.”

Up in the corner is a woman who is angry with her head turned away from her man.

Divorce used to be something people were ashamed of.  Now, it’s like McDonald’s, get it cheap and fast.  Ugh, I’m disgusted.

I know abortions are given on-demand.  I know prostitution is common.  I just didn’t know you could get a quick, cheap divorce using a website.  Most couples spend months and at least a couple thousand dollars on a wedding.  Why is it that divorces can be done quicker and cheaper?

By the way, you can help sponsor a cool billboard, check these out.  (63% of abortions are done on black or hispanic babies and Planned Parenthood often resides in minority areas)…

“Black Children Are An Endangered Species.”

“Gone.  15 Million and Counting.”

“Black and Beautiful.”



One thought on “Shocking Billboard I Saw

  1. That is super duper very sad indeed. I wish there were billboards ENCOURAGING couples to seek help to STAY TOGETHER. Good, helpful, Christian advice should be easily accessible, not vice versa. I don’t understand all this negativity. Where is all the positive, encouragement in the world? It is a shame.

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