Family Treat Jar

This was SO fun for my children!  And Mama too!

It’s called, The “Family Treat Jar”

I borrowed the idea from the e-book, “Easy Peasy Chores.” 

I got out two jars, decorated one of them.  I filled the undecorated one with marbles.

Each time anyone in the family did something of good character, kindness, initiative, hard work, diligence, etc, they got to take a marble out of the plain jar and put it into the decorated jar, the “Family Treat Jar.”

We decided as a family what our treat would be when all the marbles were earned.  Which, for us, would be a trip to the creek where we can all stomp and get muddy and discover nature!

Instead of individual awards for each child, this helped build family unity and had us all working together!  We were doing it as a family!

The size jar I used held a lot of marbles so it took us about a month and a half to fill our decorated jar.

The boys loved finding good things Dada or Mama did too and offering us a marble.  🙂

I highly encourage you to do a “Family Treat Jar.”  You’ll have a great time as a family!



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