May and June Goals Update

Time for another 2013 Goals Update.  This will be my last goals update for a while though.  My family is completing the process of adopting a little boy from China!  (Leave me a comment if you’d like the link to our adoption blog!!)  So I’m going to wait until the end of 2013 to give you my next progress update.  I’ll keep chugging away at them though, but you won’t hear from me on goals until the end of the year.

Since the last update, I’ve read more about goal setting from Michael Hyatt and Money Saving Mom.  I’ve been reminded of some tips on goal setting and am excited about tweaking some of my goals to be more achievable.

Meal Plan at least once per month. Did this.  I should probably up this to twice a month.  But am afraid I won’t stick with it if I do that… just being honest.

Read the Bible daily with children at mealtimes plus continue with Memory Verse work and Bible story time.  Doing well!  We’re in Ephesians, James, and Proverbs- we like to be in multiple spots at once!  Children have an incredible ability to memorize, my three and five year old boys blow me away with their dozens and dozens, and dozens of memorized Bible verses.  You can’t start too young!

Follow homeschool lesson plans (make lesson plans every 6 weeks).  Doing great!  I recently read about a family who enrolls their children in college classes by age TWELVE!!  I bought and read their e-book and am SO inspired!  Not inspired to send my children to public university, but inspired to let them finish high school early!  Surely it doesn’t take four long years to get through basic high school material, that’s the faulty public school way of doing things!  Homeschoolers can do whatever they want at whatever pace they want!  And that usually means accelerated learning!  By the way, you’ll really enjoy their e-book if you decide to purchase it!

Read through the entire KJV Bible for my third time (three chapters per day) (On target, even ahead by a little!)

Record 1,000 gifts from God- His grace and love and blessings in my life.  Going wonderfully.  I’m on number 1300 for this year already!  So much to be thankful for!

Pray for every country of the world with my children.  Pray for the needs of others both locally and globally.  We’re following along with an email program to pray for countries around the world and we cover other needs, our friends, and family in prayer as well.  We recently made a prayer stick cup.  For each of our friends and family, we put their name on a colored craft stick (blue for my one son, red for the other).  Then put all the craft sticks in a cup.  Each day, they get to pick one of their sticks and that’s who they pray for that day.  LOVE doing this!

Follow my daily routine and weekly checklist. (This is my list of things I need to do each day like exercise, take vitamins, homeschool, housework, etc) I’ve let a few things slide in the past two months, but it’s been a nice break.  I will get back to them though.

Read at least one book per month.  I read four books in May and finished nine in June!  That puts me at 25 so far for the year.  But that’s about to slow way down with our upcoming adoption.  And it’s no where near Money Saving Mom, at the beginning of June she was at 63 for the year!  Learn and grow, learn and grow!  Everyone can at least do ONE book a month, right!?

Hand-write a special, personal note to either my husband or one of my children each month.  I sure love doing this.  My children love seeing special things Mama wrote for them and I make sure to save them so they can read them again when they’re older.  My husband is not as mushy, but I write him occasional ones anyway.  🙂

Do one healthy detox thing for my health each month.  Well, I did do one in May and then for June I at least experimented with Activated Charcoal from Bulk Herb Store, good stuff!

Go on at least one field trip each month with my children.  For May we did three things (a farm, a cemetery Memorial Day service, and a vehicle festival thingy where children can learn and experiment with trash trucks, police cars, army vehicles, city buses, tractors, etc!)  For June, we went on a mini-vacation and did a museum, two ferry rides, and some ocean fun too!

Meet exercise goals.  (This includes walking, rebounding, and doing strengthening exercises).  I exercised 16 times in January and a measly 7 times in February.  In March it was only 9 times and then 15 times in April.  May was way better coming in at 21 times!  June, ugh, back down to 11.  I am still working on my push-ups though and on my last test I did 43 modified (girly style) non-stop push-ups.  I’ll take it.  Gotta up my number of exercise sessions though!  Does chasing a baby around count?  🙂

Share the love of Jesus with at least one stranger per month by having a one-on-one conversation with someone I’ve never met! Yah!  This goal has been great.  Not counting brushing shoulders with people and saying little things, I’ve been able to conversationally share 7 times this year for a total of 17 people!  So precious to talk about Jesus and people actually listen!  I walk right up to people (I prefer groups of young people, way easier for me!)  The other day, I saw a rough looking group at our local park.  My palms got sweaty and my heart raced.  “Grrrr,” I first thought.  “Holy Spirit, I don’t want to.  Can’t I just play with my children at the park?”  But let me tell you, I was the one that walked away blessed.  Here were these tatoo’d smokers swearing and carrying on with girlfriends and boyfriends hanging on each other.  Then Mama of three trots on up and says “Anyone want to earn $5?”  I always witness Ray Comfort style!!  This group of people (I’d say ages 18-28) were so nice.  I mean, I did get huge whiffs of cigarette smoke, but they were 100% polite and nice and respectful.  They listened and responded and seemed like they took it to heart.  I wanted to cry, they were so open and I was almost unwilling.

Have an awesome marriage by reading marriage books together, having date nights, speaking honorably to each other, doing nice things for each other, etc.  Here’s one of those goals that Michael Hyatt would tell me to make more specific.  I’ll think on that and get it tweaked.  Hubby and I watched a marriage DVD series together over the course of a few weeks in June.  That was really fun actually.  We stayed up and watched “Amazing Grace” (whew, what a movie) the other night, and also in June I enjoyed spoiling him for Father’s Day.  Hubby’s doing great at this goal too, I love how when he can tell I’m flustered, he’ll ask “What can I do to help Mama?  Take the children?  Do dishes?  Switch out laundry?”  So sweet!  I LOVE it when he asks those questions, hint hint honey!  🙂

Go on at least one family vacation to build memories and enjoy each other.  Woo Hoo, went to Galveston, Texas and enjoyed the ocean and beach for hours and hours on our 4 day, 3 night trip!

Do one month of NO sugar (I can still have my healthier homemade sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, etc) (This goal is for no white sugar and all its disguising ingredients like dextrose, fructose, evaporated cane juice, high fructose corn syrup,etc.  Also, no fruit juice sweetened items or fruit juice itself).  Did this for the whole month of January and February and for 2 weeks in April.  I don’t buy white sugar so I never cook with anything except my natural sweeteners anyway.  But… when Newman O’s are on sale, this girl has a hard time resisting.  Sugar is so addictive, which is the reason I’d like it to be completely out of my diet.  I will continue to decrease this more and more.  Sorry Newman O’s, you have GOT to go!  Oh, and you too Alden’s icecream.  Oh, and you too Back to Nature cookies.  🙂

Do a 3-day raw food diet.  (Send me your tips if you’ve done a raw food diet before!!)    I’m so excited I’ve changed this goal!  The new goal is:  Eat at least 20 salads a month!  Raw lettuce, raw veggies, and my ‘mostly raw’ dressing!  I started this on May9th, so for the rest of May I ate 13 huge salads and for June I ate 23 huge salads.  When I dish up a salad, I get out my mixing bowl!  It’s a smaller mixing bowl, but still a huge bowl for a salad.  If I’m going to go through the work to wash and chop and blend, might as well make it a big ole bowl!

Hospitality/ Having a guest over- do this at least 12 times in 2013!  Did not do this for May and June completely, but did deliver some meals/ food and extended invitations and met a couple families outside the home.

Reduce my computer time.   (Hmmm, this goal needs tweaked to be more measurable also, I’ll tweak on this one too).

That’s all for now!  I’ll update again at the end of the year, hopefully.  I’ll continue to keep track on my calendar though so I can report in December!

How are you doing on your 2013 goals?? 


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