Things I Don’t Do

In relation to health topics, here are some things we don’t do at our house.  I could write a lengthy article on each of the items listed below, but will let you do your own research!  Taking the time to research things doesn’t always sound exciting because I know you have a hundred other things to do and it can be time consuming.  But I’ve found that the more I research, the more the changes become part of my permanent lifestyle.  The changes last because I know all the reasons why I do what I do.

Most all these things I avoid like the plague, do your own research, but I hope you don’t keep blindly doing these things without adequate research!

In general, my problem with the medical system is that they treat symptoms and not the whole body.  A medical doctor is pretty much clueless on nutrition because the only thing they are taught in medical school is drugs.  (I even asked a family doctor once if there were any vitamins or supplements I could take for a specific ailment I was having and he said, “Honestly, I don’t know.  I don’t know anything about nutrition.  I was taught medicine and wouldn’t even know what to recommend to you if you’re looking to go the natural route.”  At least he was honest!  Like the time I had a Labor & Delivery nurse actually tell me that if I wanted a natural birth, “Don’t go to the hospital, they don’t have those there!”  The pharmaceutical companies pay for medicine to be taught in the universities.  They are not about to tell someone that they can get miracle Vitamin B17 by eating organic apple and peach seeds.  They are not about to tell you that vaccines can be dangerous.  That’s just not what they’re paid to do.  So if you want health from the inside out, avoiding conventional medicine/ conventional doctors should be top on your list.

Radiation– X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI’s, Mammograms, etc- There are some serious dangers of radiation, so unless it’s an emergency situation, I avoid these at all costs.  Dr. Mercola even has an article about how Mammograms cause breast cancer.

Medications– I always try natural remedies first.  So many medications are so hard on your body.  So many contain harmful ingredients.  Side effects are not just nuisances, they are your body crying out that there is serious harm being done.

Surgery-  So many people actually want surgery and go for unnecessary procedures.  Ugh, if only they knew how much damage they were doing.  Unless I had a major emergency on my hands, I would avoid all kinds of surgery at all costs.  God made your body with an amazing ability to self-heal and get cures through food, herbs, and nutrients.  Surgery should be for emergencies only, the way it used to be.  Breast augmentation, tonsils and adenoid removals, tubes in ears, weight loss surgeries, sterilization… all are most often chosen without fully realizing the dangerous risks involved, not just immediate risks, but long-term health risks, which can be very serious.  Of the big-hitters, the big assaults to your health, I put surgery at the top of the list.

Drugs and Interventions during labor- The c-section rate in this country is way out of hand, as high as 60% at some hospitals.  It should be more like 1%.  Aside from that, we have pitocin, epidurals, ultrasounds, laying on back during labor, episiotimies, fetal heart rate monitors that can be harmful, and so many more harmful interventions.  Few OB/GYN’s have even seen a dozen completely natural, unmedicated births!  This is outrageous.  Your sweet little baby is tiny, any drugs in your system are sure to affect him/her.  I do understand that in certain situations, medical interventions can save lives, and I’m so thankful for that.  But most often, all these interventions are unnecessary and harmful.

Antibiotics- These destroy the gut flora.  Our body has natural built-in methods to destroy bad bacteria.  Most often, rest and water (and some natural remedies if needed) will bring your body back to health if you’ve had an infection.  Antibiotics are handed out like candy.  I worked at a doctor’s office in college, I know.  Just about every single patient walked out with a prescription for antibiotics, I’m completely telling the truth.  There are many dangers of antibiotics, so I avoid them.  My children have never had antibiotics.  Fevers, by the way, are such a great way to destroy infection, your body knows how to really heat up to kill off bacteria.  Artificially bringing down that fever means you’re keeping your body from destroying the very bacteria that’s causing your problems.  Fevers, most often, are a good thing.

Fluoride- A known carcinogen.  We don’t use dentists who use fluoride, and we don’t do fluoride toothpaste.  NO fluoride!!

Mercury and Aluminum– Besides being in fish, mercury is still in the flu vaccine and traces of it in other vaccines, despite the CDC recognizing that it is extremely dangerous.  A flu shot that a 6month old baby gets has the same amount of mercury in it that a 6’5″ man will get, it’s not even adjusted for body size!  That is scary.  That is a LOT of mercury for a wee babe.  Aluminum is in most all vaccines and is a heavy metal neurotoxin that your body can’t excrete very well at all.  Injecting it into your body overloads your system with this highly toxic metal.  It builds up in your system over time and can cause severe neurological problems.  Aluminum is also in regular white table salt, conventional baking powder, regular deodorant, aluminum cookware, foil, and even regular dryer sheets.  If you buy bakery items/ crackers/ pretzels with baking powder in them, you can be sure there’s aluminum in your food.  Avoid both mercury and aluminum like the plague!

Tap Water (a chemical cocktail)- We only drink pure, filtered, reverse osmosis water.

Microwave – We don’t microwave our food but use a toaster oven instead.

Teflon– Teflon cookware and other teflon products (including Scotch Guard) are highly toxic.  I threw out all my teflon years ago and only use stainless steel or glass cookware now.

At the Grocery Store:
Before switching my family over to eating healthier, I had researched extensively about what kinds of junk was being put into our food.   By the way, it took me about TWO years to completely switch over from the normal American way of eating.  Take it slow, one change at a time!  After my research, I decided that I would no longer buy ANY products with the ingredients listed below.  You HAVE to read the ingredient lists on the back of every package!!  Click here to see why that is way more important than reading the “Nutrition Facts.”
I say NO to the following:
Hydrogenated or Partially-Hydrogenated Oils (talk about artery blocking)
MSG, monosodium glutanate, glutanate (big time neurotoxin)
Artificial Flavorings- BHA, BHT, TBHQ, etc
Artificial Colorings- red 5, lake 40, blue 5, etc
High Fructose Corn Syrup (this stuff is terrible for you!)
Artificial Sweeteners (aspartame, Equal, Nutrasweet, etc)- (also so bad for you!!)
Preservatives- sodium benzoate, etc (Food is not meant to last for years in your pantry).
Soy (soy lecithin, soybean oil, soy protein, etc)– Soy is a hormone disrupter and I try not to consume ANY soy at ALL.  I definitely don’t buy any soy products.  And unless you buy organic soy, you are most assuredly eating a GMO food.  Genetically Modified Organism- This food has been engineered and altered on a cellular level.  This is not a food that God created naturally, a big money hungry company manufactured it for profit.  Uck.

Sunscreen/ Lotions- Your skin is the largest organ your body has.  Sweat is excreted out to detoxify your system.  These same pores allow foreign material in.  Whatever you put onto your skin (lotions, ink, soaps, etc) is absorbed into your bloodstream within minutes.  This can add a heavy load of toxins to your system.  Our family has found it completely do-able, even in our hot climate, to wear clothing that will block sun so that we don’t burn and/or to be in shaded areas when needed to avoid burning.  If you must use a sunscreen, pick a product that gets a 0 or 1 rating on the Cosmetics Database.

Flame Retardants- Did you know most of your children’s pajamas are treated with flame retardants?  Ugh.  And our mattresses, couches, foam products, and even baby gear like boppy nursing pillows and head rests/ sleep wedges, etc.  Check the tags on items and avoid buying things that have been flame retardant treated!  (Pajamas that say they are snug fitting have not been treated with flame retardants.  Wool is naturally flame resistant.)

Store-Bought Household Cleaners– Even name brand “natural” household cleaners have more ingredients than I’d like.  So for most all my cleaning, I use baking soda, vinegar, and/ or Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds soap.  My rule of thumb is that if it smells strong (excluding vinegar!) or if it makes my nose kind of twitch, it’s probably not good for me and I don’t allow it in my house.

Body Care Products that contain Mineral Oil, Fragrances, Dyes- Again, a simple check of the ingredient list can assist you in choosing your products.  Also, I look up all my potential purchases on EWG’s Cosmetics Database.  I definitely avoid petroleum products which includes mineral oil, vasoline, and many others.  I do NOT want petroleum absorbed through my skin!!  Products with a lengthy ingredient list that you can’t even pronounce are products to avoid!

Chlorine- This means no chlorine bleach and no regular diapers (that are bleached with chlorine).  And I know I’ll be unpopular for saying this, but this means we also don’t do swimming pools… chlorine overload.  There’s a reason your eyes get all red and itchy when in chlorine.  Your body does NOT like it!  When at a hotel recently, I walked past the indoor pool and had to gasp for air, the smell was overwhelming.  Avoid chlorine as much as possible!  I think we’ll see more salt water pools showing up as many people are realizing the dangers of chlorine.

No, I don’t have it all together.  No, I don’t live a life of perfect health.  I wrestle with many things including the fact that I’m still trying to get my sugar intake down.  I buy some frozen foods at the health food store that aren’t nearly as nutritious as cooking from scratch.  We go to a restaurant on occasion.  I’m not even close to being as healthy as I’d like to be!  I’m not an expert either.  I’ve just spent time researching subjects that affect my family’s health so I can be the best Mama and wife that I can be.  I’ve made so many mistakes it’s not even funny.  I ate terrible the entire first 25 years of my life.  But I’m convinced that as we search for answers, we’ll learn and grow.  Knowledge comes with effort.

And you want to know what my most FAVORITE Bible verse is concerning food and health?…
“Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.”  Matthew 15:11


2 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Do

  1. I totally LOVE the Bible verse at the end of your article! It made me laugh, thinking of myself. This is a great article.

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