Chinese Soup

I’ve made this quite a few times now and really enjoyed it!  A friend told me what kinds of things to put in and I just kind of went with it, not measuring anything really.  I’ll do my best to give you some kind of idea of quantity.  Such a unique soup, I think you’ll really like it!

Chinese Soup
-Start with 3-4 cups of broth on low/ medium heat (I use water and a few spoonfuls of Veggie Broth Powder).
Then add…
-3-5 garlic cloves, diced
-A Knob of fresh Ginger, diced (about a 1″ by 1″ piece probably, peel it first)
-Some chopped Carrot (maybe 4 carrots or so)
-Green Onion, chopped (one whole bunch)
-Cabbage, chopped  (1/2 to 1 whole head of cabbage)
-Baby Bok Choy, chopped (comes kind of small, so use the whole thing)
-Mushrooms (Fresh mushrooms work great but so do dried mushrooms, they are so flavorful!)
-Sesame Oil- Here’s some great flavor!  Use probably 3 Tbsp or so.  Add more after sampling the soup, if needed.
-Some sort of noodle or dumpling (I use Udon Noodles, I break them into halves or fourths for a smaller soup noodle)
-Salt and pepper to taste

Let everything cook until carrots are tender.  Can let simmer for another 15 minutes to let flavors marry.  Mmmm, enjoy your delicious homemade Chinese Soup!  Thanks Melanie for the recipe guidelines!


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