Even though the article below is a year old,  I had saved this because I really think “desensitization” is worth discussing.

Sheltering your children is a good thing!  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

When our children see violence, promiscuity, vulgar language, sensuous dancing, etc, a process takes place…

The first time, we are repulsed immediately and seek to escape so we don’t have to see the incredible wickedness.

The next time we still may quickly turn it off or get away from the violence, the sexual scene, the horror.

But over time we began to accept the sin as normal, even if we ourselves wouldn’t do that particular thing.

“It’s completely normal,” we think (even against our better judgment).

Trapped.  Completely desensitized.

What was once considered a horrible act of violence is considered just mild sin.  Our morals have shifted and the Bible is no longer the standard for most of society.

The first culprit that comes to mind when I think of desensitization is the news media.  If our children grow up watching the news, over time they become completely desensitized to violence and all kinds of acts of evil.

Where is the moral standard then?  What are absolutes?

The bar is lowered.

Morals are in the gutter.

Wickedness prevails.

Our children consider it completely normal.

Don’t let your precious children’s hearts be desensitized!  Guard their hearts for them until they’re old enough to guard them on their own.  That’s our job as parents.  Protect their innocence. 

It really bothers me when parents say, “You can’t shelter them, they’re going to see this and that, you can’t escape it.”

Well… yes, I can.  I can escape most of it.

I will shelter them from as much as I can.  When my little plants are all grown up and strongly rooted, I’ll set them outside to grow.  But until then, they can’t withstand the harsh weather.  I’m keeping them in!

“Keep thy heart with all diligence.”  Proverbs 4:23

One of my favorite Bible verses to explain why we have NO broadcast television in our home is Psalm 101:3…

“I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes”

Pray about the tv usage in your home.  I know there might be a few decent things on tv, but by and large, most of it is garbage.  Sorry to be so blunt!  I used to be so addicted to my few shows that it was on my schedule to be home on those nights so I wouldn’t miss a second.  So I know, I’ve been there.  But I can’t tell you how incredibly freeing it is and how incredibly PURE it’s been to not have any tv in our home!!  (We do still watch our own purchased DVD’s).  We’ve had NO broadcast television in our home for more than 5 years, it’s been the best 5 years of my life!


This is the article I’m referring to about desensitization…

“Warning Issued about Violence of ‘Hunger Games'”– March 2012

A psychologist and author is concerned about how children will be affected by The Hunger Games, which opens in theaters nationwide today.

The first installment of Susan Collins’ trilogy The Hunger Games is rated PG-13. The plot involves a government-sponsored reality TV show that forces children to fight each other to the death — the ultimate winner being the last one standing. Secular film critics are giving it high marks for accurately capturing the novel and making the narrative “perfectly understandable.”

But Dr. Brenda Hunter, co-author of From Santa to Sexting, warns the movie is really a story about child sacrifice. According to Hunter, the adults portrayed in the story are either impotent or voyeuristic and watch as children kill each other. Parents, she says, should be concerned.

“Their kids are being desensitized to violence,” she says in warning parents about allowing their youngsters to view the anticipated blockbuster. “… There are over a thousand studies linking media violence to aggressive behavior in some children. Think of that — a thousand studies linking this.”

And once desensitized, she says, the children are no longer afraid or revolted by what they see. Hunter says “that begins to erode their God-given sense of humanity” — a deterioration that remains with them as they become adults.

The psychologist goes on to say that what has happened in modern culture is that parental protections that were in place a few decades ago are gone.

“And there’s a new philosophy that parents and adults seem to have in this culture,” she explains. “And it is: Let’s expose kids to everything. Let’s expose them to sex. Let’s expose them to violence — and they’ll be the better for it.”

Not true, according to Dr. Hunter, who says the culture needs to change and parents need to learn to say no. Her recommendation: Don’t let children go see The Hunger Games.


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