Homeschool Conference Notes!

I went to a wonderful homeschool conference recently and took some really good notes!  Problem is, nothing beats actually sitting and listening to the speaker.  But I’ll try and give you a glimpse into what I walked away with.  Turned out to be a Marriage/ Parenting/ Homeschooling Conference in my opinion!  Here’s my totally random notes…

Homeschool subjects are leaves, your marriage is the stem.  If you get the stem right, your marriage will flourish.

Every husband wants to be FOLLOWED.  God put it in your husband to lead.

Sometimes husbands feel like they can’t do anything right, like little puppies that always get their noses smacked when they stick it out, because you always criticize.

If you cringe at the way your husband does devotions (when he finally stepped up to do them), he’ll say “fine, do it yourself” and he’ll take another step back out of the family, instead of a step further in.

Every husband loves to be helped.  Ask him how you can help him in stuff he’s interested in.

Help and encourage your husband and you’ll pull him tighter in, instead of pushing him away.

How important is crown molding?  A zero.  Your marriage is the stem, forget about the crooked crown molding, a leaf.

Believe in your husband and admire him.  If you criticize him for what shows he lets the children watch, he hears “you’re morals are in the gutter, you awful sinner.”  It’d be better for your children to see you be an encourager than to watch a less-than-ideal tv show and Mom nagged Dad to death.

Don’t withhold from your husband.  Your husband wants you to DESIRE him.
If you don’t take a nap during the day so you’ll have energy for your husband, you’re concentrating on the leaves (homeschool), instead of the stem (your marriage).

Hang on his arm and tell him how big his muscles are (in whatever area of talent/ability he has).

Don’t underestimate what the Techno Beast is.  If your children are saying “Mom, get off email/ Facebook,” that’s a huge clue that you’re on too much.
KILL THE BEAST, BOOM!  (From Beauty and the Beast, a line we can repeat as a reminder to not the the Techno Beast consume our lives).
It’s exhausting to always be being reeled in by the lure.

The pill kills babies.  Evangelical Christians will never defeat Planned Parenthood as long as we keep using the pill which can and does act as an abortifacient.
We just think about ourselves and how it would be inconvenient to let God give us an eternal soul.
“My daughter wanted to cut off her seed.”  “Honey, if God wants to give you a present, why would you say no?”  This Grandpa later thanked this speaker for the three grandchildren he has today because the daughter reversed her decision.
Treat children as precious, they are LIFE.
The biggest blood bath in all of history is what we’ve been doing to babies by abortion.
The world says, “be selfish, be selfish, be selfish, me, me, me.”

Christians should have open arms to widows and orphans.

A man wants a happy wife who is joyful.  Be joyful!  If a woman is joyful, it lifts brick after brick after brick off her husband’s shoulders.

Dad saying:  This is the life God gave me, my daughter.  She will be the mother to nations.  I have a small moment of time to teach her.  She needs to be the joy of my life.  She is the hope of the world.

The big picture is that you’ve been given a lot.  The big picture is that you could lose it all at any minute.  Cherish your little ones, invest in your family.

The right response to suffering is to be eager to give to others, to beg to give to others.

Suffering and trials mature us and complete us.  It strengthens us more deeply.

Just because siblings picking on each other is common doesn’t mean that it’s okay, it’s not the way God intended.

Smile at your children.

Some kids don’t get reading until age 9 or 10, just keep smiling, they’ll get it.

Husbands are the masters of the house, they discern theology, they are the provision and the protection.  Moms are Queen of a little kingdom- YOU decide what goes on in your home.  It’s a BIG deal.

Most people’s homes are pit-stops, but with an orderly home and sweet children, it will blow your guests’ circuit to see such an amazing home!

There are NO greener pastures.  Home is where it’s at.

The worldliness is not what it’s cracked up to be.  It’s lonely in the corporate world, there are no little ones to hug you around your neck in the middle of the workday.

The WISE woman looks well to the ways of her house.

God gave us some big clues with our anatomy- women are nurturers.  Men are strengtheners, stability.

Two people can’t lead.

Here in America, we use speed to compensate for the fact that we’ve lost our way.

Make reaction time holy, your response holy.  Don’t react harshly or haphazardly.  Be holy in the way you respond to your family.

Excessive shopping (shopping for fun) is a low quality life, be a producer, not a consumer.

Malls are built on discontent.  You walk in content not wanting anything.  You walk out discontent thinking about the things you want to have.

When you buy an item and take it home, you now have to dust it/ take care of it.  Then in a couple of years, you have to figure out how to get rid of it.

Simplify your life.

Everyone wants your time and your money and they’ll spend them both for you.  You start out submitting a project to 4-H and you end up running 4-H.  Check external requests against your goals list.

Recreation means re-creating your energy.  Most modern movies and media are fast paced and they stir your emotions about something you can’t even do anything about.

Don’t respond to media all day long (text, email, etc).  Have a designated time for internet.

You want your kids to be book-maniacs.  Read books instead of watching media.

Read every missionary biography you can find- they will teach your child to be self-less as you watch how missionaries gave up their own lives for the sake of others.

For a simplified life:  Stay Home!  You can’t raise your children in seatbelts.

Train your children to have life skills, not just academics.  This is one reason the public schools are such a failure.

Become relationally focused, not things-focused.  Focus on relationships, not all the clutter that threatens to drown out your life.

Use a sweeter voice with your husband and learn to revere him.

Ask yourself, “Would I want me as a wife?”  “Would I want me as a mother?”

Crawl into your husband and children’s head and see their perspective.

Debt is bondage.  People spend their entire lives living in bondage.  They buy things they can’t afford instead of learning true contentment.  This business of getting into debt is nuts.

Productivity will give your children real self-esteem, not looking into the mirror wondering what color to dye their hair.  Teach your children to do productive things and to be an entrepreneur.

Do all your homeschooling in the mornings (8-noon, no interruptions) and then spend your afternoons on 1) musical practice, 2) wholesome recreational reading, 3) athletic weight training and flexibility, and 4) entrepreneur things.

Libraries are dangerous places.  Books on two mommies, two daddies, monsters, vampires, etc.

What do you want to be like when you’re 80?  Mom has to take care of herself- water, exercise, raw veggies and fruits, etc.

A mother will nurture humanity from the womb to the tomb.

Your job is to serve your family.  Don’t let other things interfere with that.

Make dinner first thing in the morning and you’ll feel like a free woman the rest of the day!  A good cook always has one foot in the next meal.

Get it conquered.  Sort and pitch.  Spend the time up front to get organized and it will save you much time later.

When you fear you’re not doing it right, it tempts you to go back to what was done to you (public school).  Don’t fear!  We have been set free!  We’re out of Egypt!

You don’t have to do what classroom teachers do- they can’t make one-on-one eye contact and tailor their day to what one child needs.

Are you homeschooling or schooling at home?  Don’t mimic what the public school does, you want your children to be joyful learners who love to learn!  Focus on progress, not on product.

If your child struggles, it’s not the child that’s the problem, it’s the curriculum or the method.  Change the method!

Ask your children daily, “How can I help you?”  See if they need something done differently in order to better help them learn.

Are you critical of your children or are you a cheerleader?

When your child hands you a paper, your face will tell them everything, don’t have a critical face, be an encourager!

You’re the encouragement squad, Mom!

If your child is a product and you’re just there to crack the whip, you’ll get a child who just wants to be done.  They’ll do the minimal they have to.

Look for progress not perfection.

Don’t let your children compete against each other.  Don’t ever compare your child to another one his age.

Tell your child they’re a blessing and only speak great things about them to others.  Don’t tell others their struggles while your child is nearby.  Their little ears are listening.

Walk in your vision.  Ask the Lord what your child’s talents/ abilities are and help them flourish in that.

If a child is struggling, encouragement will change their heart.

Model a love for learning, Have a passion for learning!


4 thoughts on “Homeschool Conference Notes!

    1. Yes some big nuggets! And I actually lost two pages of notes that day also, grrr. One blew away while we were having our picnic lunch and the other fell out of my back pocket! Bummer. But still plenty to chew on!

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