Favorite Children’s Books!

I love reading quality children’s books to my little ones.  We have had such great discussions after reading the books below.  And I have been able to teach my children such neat life lessons through these books.  Reading is learning.  Growing.  Gaining knowledge.  I want to teach my children to love to learn.  If they love learning, the sky is the limit!

Here are some of our favorite children’s books…


These are “Little Jewel” books and there are dozens to choose from.  They are simple, old-fashioned, precious stories.  They emphasize family and teach valuable life lessons.  “A Letter For Titus” teaches such a great lesson that we talk about often around our home!


I always like to give “God’s Wisdom for Little Boys” (or “God’s Wisdom for Little Girls”) as gifts.  The illustrations are precious, the poems are fun and the character building is priceless!  The authors have also published “A Little Boy After God’s Own Heart” (and “A Little Girl After God’s Own Heart”) and those are such great character building books as well!


“A is for Adam” has been read in our home dozens and dozens of times!  It’s tops on my list!  A fantastic Creation book!  Each page starts with a letter of the alphabet, A through Z.  We practically have all the rhymes on every page of this book memorized!  (If you buy this book, look for the older version, the newer one has pages that are harder to flip).

Sample:  “A is for Adam, God made him from dust, He wasn’t a monkey, He looked just like us.”


“The True Story of Noah’s Ark” has the absolute BEST illustrations I have ever seen!  A HUGE fold-out center page shows the inside of what Noah’s Ark may have looked like.  It teaches children that Noah’s Ark wasn’t some little bathtub tug boat with a giraffe head poking out the top.  No, it was a massive boat with extra room to spare, longer than a football field and the height of a 4-story building!  The book comes with a neat audio cd as well as a neat “Closer Look” section in the back.

“The True Account of Adam and Eve” also has beautiful illustrations and tons of information to help you teach your child about Creation, Adam & Eve, and how it all ties in to Christ on the cross.


“Ronnie Wilson’s Gift” is a sweet book that my boys ask me to read over and over again.  The little boy accepts the gift that Jesus gave him (salvation) and tries his hardest to give his best gift to Jesus in return… his baseball glove.  He tries to mail it to heaven, send it up to heaven by balloon, and jump on his trampoline to try and jump high enough to get it heaven.  In all his efforts, he couldn’t get his baseball glove to heaven but he fed a hungry man, played with a lonely boy, and gave his balloon away to a hurting girl.  He has a dream where Jesus tells him “Whatever you do for these brothers of Mine, you do for me.”  So the next day, he knew just what to do with his special baseball glove, he gave it away to a boy that couldn’t afford a glove.  Sweet lesson on giving to Jesus!

“In God We Trust” is a really neat book about giving, saving, and spending money.  I really like it because you save your money right in the book… there are slots all throughout for sliding your coins in to save!  A fun way to learn about money!  I found this at a garage sale, knowing I was already a fan of Larry Burkett, but it may not be available any longer??


“Trusty Tried and True” teaches an amazing life lesson.  A train breaks down but Brawny with his big muscles wouldn’t help, Smarty with his big bag of tricks wouldn’t help, and Beauty with her pampered engine wouldn’t help.  The people cried and prayed and who came to their rescue… Trusty Tried and True!  He not only gladly served but told the people how just earlier that day he had prayed that if someone was in need, that God would send him their way!  The rhymes are fun, the story is priceless!  “Trusty Gets Off Track” teaches how even when we get off track, our Father comes to our rescue.


These three books are sweet and precious.  The illustrations are beautiful.  The poems are a little longer (probably for ages 5 and up) but they speak volumes!  All three of these books teach valuable lessons and make for great family discussion!  “The Person I Marry” is especially my favorite for discussion time and teaching your child about what kind of person they should marry someday, and what kind of person they need to be for someone else to marry someday!

Also, just recently, we read “The House in the Middle of Town” by Crystal Bowman.  Oh, it’s so precious!  It shows children all around the community that come together and chip in to fix up a widow’s home for her.  What a great story to help you teach your children to serve the widow.  After reading this, my boys and I decided we should go scrub a widow’s bathroom like the children in the book did!  🙂

Side Note:  Purchasing these books from companies that are standing strong for God’s Word and Christian values supports them to keep doing what they’re doing!
Buying all these new would be quite pricey, but perhaps you could ask for a few as birthday/ Christmas presents from extended family!  Also, check for coupons/ discount codes and sales!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Children’s Books!

    1. We DO have other Little Jewel books, all of them are sweet and precious. But these few are definitely our favorites so far. I’ll probably order more as well. We thought the sweet lesson in “A Letter for Titus” was great, we talk about it often… being so forgiving that you don’t even mention the other person’s wrongdoing, forgotten!

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