A Call To Anguish

Whew, this video made me get teary-eyed.  It’s powerful.  The message hit home with me personally because I have come to the point of anguish concerning our world’s orphan crisis.  There are some deep scars of hurt and pain that little ones are experiencing and we have to fight wickedness and try to put an end to their suffering.  That’s been my anguish.  Of course, there are many topics that bring deep sorrow to God’s heart, and they should ours too.  Will you watch this video called “A Call To Anguish?”  Like I said, it’s powerful.

On a somewhat different note, have you watched Ray Comfort’s “Genius” yet?  Ray Comfort, the producer of 180 interviews people on the street and compares Christianity and John Lennon.  It’ll make you think!


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