De-Toxifying Your Teeth!

Have you ever heard of “oil pulling?”  Most conventional dentists haven’t either.  But it’s a great way to get bacteria and toxins OUT of your mouth!  The process is really easy.

1. First thing when you wake up in the morning (before eating, before brushing your teeth), put a little sesame (or other seed oil) in your mouth (maybe 1-2 tsp).  Set a timer for 15-20 minutes.

2.  Now start swishing, pulling, and squeezing the oil between your teeth, all over your mouth.  Keep it going, swish all over.  (Do NOT gargle, Do NOT swallow).  If you feel like your mouth is too full (the oil will combine with saliva), you can spit a little of it out into the trash can and then continue swishing the rest.  During this time you can read, shower, cook, clean, whatever you need to do.

3.  When the timer goes off, spit the oil into a trash can (not a drain as it can clog drains).  See how the oil is white?  It’s full of bacteria and toxins, thus the reason you should NOT swallow the oil.

4.  Rinse your mouth out with water and spit to get out any residual oil.  Now you can eat breakfast, brush as usual.  Do this every day for 30 days or more for best results.


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