2012 Goals Re-Cap

These were my 2012 goals and the progress I made on them.  I’ll share my 2013 goals soon!  How did you do in 2012?

Finish reading through the KJV Bible by the end of November.  (DONE!)

Read at least one book per month.  (I read 39 books in 2012!)

Record 1,000 gifts this year (a thankfulness list)- Keeping a list of His love for me.  (I wrote down 2,027 things!  I had so much fun doing this one!  I love LOOKING for things to be thankful for and then writing them down so I’ll remember them).

Bible reading with children- Continue 1 excerpt from Matthew per day at breakfast, 1 excerpt from Proverbs at lunch, 1 excerpt from Genesis at dinner, Memory Verses, and Bible Story Book during homeschooling time.  (Did well at this!  My five year old has somewhere around 120 verses memorized by heart and my two year old knows most all of those same ones pretty well also!)

Pray for the entire world with children in a year using online calendar- one country at a time.  (DONE!  Our eyes were really opened to the needs of others around the world, and we learned a lot of geography too!  We’ve prayed for countries I’d not even heard of before!)

Make homemade laundry soap for the fun of it.   (Did this multiple times, it was an easy recipe that worked great!  I’ll share the recipe soon).

Do a 1-day raw food diet at least once, if not more.  (Did this once.  I wanted to do it more, but instead just was more intentional with eating more raw food snacks/ salads/ veggies each and every day).

Do a 3-day raw food diet at least once, if not more.  (Nope.  Didn’t do this one.  Rats).

Do one month with absolutely no sugar (white sugar, “organic” sugar, evaporated cane juice, fruit juice, dextrose, fructose, etc.  Natural sweeteners are allowed- honey, maple syrup, etc)- do this twice.   (Did this in February, July, and then two weeks in October.  I think the one day raw food challenge was harder b/c I really didn’t have too hard of a time with this.  I only use natural sweeteners at home anyway, but I would often pick up a box of “natural, organic” cookies from the health food store and they just disappeared way too quickly.  It was out of hand).

Get better at menu planning and having a meals rotation.  (I made some good progress on this, but still need to improve).

Continue to follow daily checklist that lines up with life goals/ homeschooling goals/ child training goals.  (I have done well at this, I follow this list like a machine!)   (This list helps me stay focused on getting things done daily.  Some of the stuff on my daily list includes:  our homeschool checklist, exercise, remembering to take my vitamins/ supplements, etc).

Go through each room of the house and become a minimalist.  (I did the whole house in January and had a huge garage sale in February!  After that sale I just kept gathering bags of things to drop off at the thrift store.  I’m constantly getting rid of anything we don’t want/need. Ah, a de-cluttered home is so freeing!  I’m not a true minimalist, I call myself a minimalist wanna-be)!

Email account de-cluttered and then maintained that way.  (I did pretty well at this, but still have some saved emails I need to revisit and sort).

Go through computer desktop files and sort better/ delete old.  (Completed this in June and I’ve kept up on it since then!  I had so much old stuff and documents that weren’t in any folder, just all over the place.  But now… Ah, everything in its proper electronic place!)

Go mostly paperless (Get rid of stack of old papers that need gone through (it’s about a half-drawer’s worth) as well as some old filing cabinet folders of papers).  (Okay, I do still have a small handful of old papers from my college days that I’d like to sort and discard.  But other than that, DONE!  I did get rid of everything else!)

Update our wills.  (DONE.  Glad to have this out of the way).

Home Improvement Projects- Replace faucets in master bathroom (they are not in good condition- haven’t found a good deal on faucets yet).  Repaint baseboards and trim in house (didn’t do this and don’t plan on it now, what a chore, forget it!)  Sell front living room furniture and convert the room into a homeschool room (Done!)  Get rid of conventional mattress in guest bedroom.  (Done!)

Have an awesome marriage.  (Read marriage books, have monthly date nights, do at least one special/ nice thing each month for my husband).  (We grew a lot this year and are more intentional about focusing on each other and our marriage.  I tell ya, I have the sweetest husband.  He loves God with his whole heart and has a heart for those that are hurting, I love that about him!)

Do one sort of healthy detox (detoxification) per month.  (Kind of failed at this one in November/ December).

Write at least one of my children a special letter each month.  (DONE!)

Have someone over/ show hospitality at least once per month.  (DONE!  I love meaningful friendships and fellowship!)


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