Baptist Children’s Home Wins!

Help Me Donate My Christmas Money!

I personally received a whopping $88 as cash for Christmas this year (My husband and children divided up grandparents gifts with me and this is my portion)!  Thank you to family who gave from their own wallets to bless me!!  Your money WILL be a blessing because…

One of my favorite verses, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” is my humble theme this year.   I selfishly want to be the “more blessed!”  This year, instead of buying a new trinket or gadget, I’m going for something more eternal.  I’m going to donate it to one of my most favorite organizations that are spreading the love of Jesus and taking care of starving and orphaned children.

Did you know there are more than 147 MILLION orphans world-wide??  That’s almost half of the entire population of the USA.  That’s really sad.  Really really sad.  And did you know that 6 million children die of hunger each year.  Their little bodies are literally shutting down and can’t survive because they simply don’t have enough food.  Millions of children have to dig through dumpsters and eat what little disgusting scraps they can find just to stay alive.

We here in America are like billionaires compared to them.  We have SO much.

There are a lot of organizations out there that have different helps for the needy, but these below are trustworthy, Christ-centered ministries that stretch their dollars to do the most good.  Because truly, these people not only need food and clean water, they need Jesus.  They need the hope that only Jesus can provide.  Giving to an organization whose central purpose is NOT “Jesus” means we’re not reaching people’s greatest need.

Will you vote for your favorite ministry below by leaving me a comment or emailing me?  Whichever gets the most votes will be receiving my Christmas money this year!

Kids Against Hunger– This Cincinnati based ministry packs and ships food locally and worldwide.  They have little overhead costs and are known for spending money wisely.  $54 will feed 216 children a meal.

Baptist Children’s Home– This orphanage in Cambodia serves children who have no parents and no hope, children who are extremely poverty stricken.  The home currently houses 37 children, but has room for 100 once they receive enough funds to do so.

Alfred Adundo is a pastor in Uganda, Africa with a ministry that provides food, clothing, and education to orphaned and impoverished children.  I have friends that have visited him personally in Africa, twice!

I have a few other favorite ministries, like SOS Ministries and Both Hands, but will give my Christmas money to one of the above.

Thanks for voting!  And I secretly hope this email spurs you on to give to CHRIST-centered causes, our time here on earth is short, do the most good while you can! 


7 thoughts on “Baptist Children’s Home Wins!

  1. They ALL broke my heart to read about. They all seem to be trying to do A LOT of good. But my vote goes to the North County Baptist Children’s Home. I was really floored when I read the part about child sex slaves. That should NOT even be happening in this world. I think you should donate your money there to help protect those children.
    Or you could divide it by 3 & try to help all three causes.
    Thanks for letting me vote. Thank you for sharing with me good people trying to do good.

  2. I like to donate to the DAV – Disabled American Veterans. They have offices all over this country and do remarkable things for our injured/disabled veterans. Jane (Michelle’s Mom)

    1. Let us never forget those who have served our country! I haven’t looked into that organization to see how much money goes to overhead and what specific things they do to help vet’s, but thank you for having a giving heart.

    1. Okay, so there’s a family of 10 (8 children and 2 adults), and they want to know if they can vote for each family member. I’m going to let them, why not?! They all vote for NC Baptist Children’s Home. But to be fair, if anyone wants their vote to count for each person in their household, by all means let me know!

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