Raising Autism Awareness

Autism is a real thing.  It robs little children of LIFE.  It is extremely sad.  Very sad.  It can break up marriages and can cause major struggles for many families.  It can be a huge financial burden.  Not to mention all the extra care the child requires.  Mommy’s dreams of having a little first-grader that reads and writes and sings the lead role in the school play…  shattered.  The bottom line… it hurts.

Young mom, please don’t think “it can’t happen to me.”  It can.

Unless you know someone personally who has experienced autism, maybe you haven’t thought about it much.  I hadn’t.  But a dear, close friend of mine now has a son with autism and it has gripped my heart greatly.  I find myself reading articles and trying so hard to learn how to help and support other families that are going through TOUGH times.  One way I can help is by raising autism awareness.

Please click on this WHAMMY of an article.  Powerful.  I especially listened loudly to the last paragraph which says:

“This is a NATIONAL EMERGENCY. Now that we know Congress recognizes this we need the rest of our country to fall in line and start treating it as such. It’s a tsunami that is taking our babies one well-baby visit at a time. And if you… were having your first baby and you didn’t happen to channel surf to CSPAN yesterday, how would you know?”

Most first time parents (well, even veteran parents) never even look into vaccines, they don’t even read the small print label insert that’s included in the vaccine package itself!  They just follow the vaccine schedule like their Doc says they should, and sorry to say, the Doctor oftentimes hasn’t even read that insert himself!  May I challenge you to research both sides of the argument before making an incredibly huge decision as to what you will inject straight into your wee one’s body?  It’s WAY more important than you might think.  Here’s a great website to help you get started on your research.  Also check out Dr. Mercola articles and Mary Tocco’s DVD, “Are Vaccines Safe?”  There are also countless books on the subject!

I emailed my dear friend to ask her what she thinks of this post, and her response made me want to cry.  Will you PLEASE listen to her?  Will you not write this off as unimportant or heresy?  Your child is YOUR responsibility.  Step up mom, research your tail off before doing one more injection!!

” SOOO wish I’d spent a fraction of the time researching vaccines as compared to how much time I spent planning the dumb nursery…and sadly, I don’t think I’m uncommon in that. 😦 I also try and think what may have changed my mind back then. While Jenny McCarthy is certainly not a role model in many areas, her Mother Warriors book is VERY powerful. I think as women we are drawn to stories of real people. The book is about 12 chapters highlighting 12 different families whose lives changed virtually overnight from vaccines. I have seen countless before and after videos on Warrior Moms’ FB pages. So so sad. I wish I had read the vaccine inserts. And I think reading the CDC’s website data about the number of kids that die or are injured (encephalopothy is generally the CDCs way of stating autism in a cover-your-toosh-kind-of-way) each year from vaccines. I just didn’t know. SOOO many people think you are crazy and irresponsible for NOT vaccinating. I’m a peaceful don’t-rock-the-boat personality, and now my autistic son is paying for it.”


2 thoughts on “Raising Autism Awareness

  1. Your friend is truly blessed to have you in her life. Autism can be extremely isolating. I bet she is touched by your compassion and your genuine interest in autism. You are a beautiful person!

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