7 Things to Cancer-Proof Your Home

This is a good article by Dr. Mercola.  Seven things you can do to make your home healthier.  If you don’t subscribe to his emails, I do recommend them for health information, he’s a leading expert in natural health.  But like everyone, you won’t agree with everything he says, but for health information, he’s spot on most of time and I’ve learned so much from his articles!  This article is another good one!

Make sure and read about stain-resistant fabrics, flame resistant articles (which I recently discovered includes boppy pillows by the way), beauty products, teflon, and cleaning products, I’m big on those myself!  And honestly, I really don’t know why people even buy anything more than basic dish soap, baking soda, vinegar, and some essential oils.  I haven’t bought a bottle of cleaner in years and absolutely don’t see the need!  But that’s just me!  And yes, I keep a pretty clean home, most of the time.


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