Black Eyed Peas & Kale Soup

Need a way to get in some more greens?  We tried this soup and the whole family seemed to enjoy it.  Mmm, black-eyed peas.

Black-Eyed Peas & Kale Soup
Soak 2 cups of Black-Eyed Peas overnight, then rinse well.
1 Onion, chopped
2 Garlic Cloves, minced
3 stalks Celery, chopped
8 cups Veggie Broth (I use 8c water, 4 tsp Rapunzel Vegetable Broth Powder)
1 bunch of Kale, washed and chopped (original recipe calls for Collard Greens)
4 Carrots, chopped
Salt & Pepper
Dash of Cayenne Pepper

I throw all the ingredients in my pressure cooker for about 12 minutes.  You could also just cook until tender in a regular pot.  Wait to add the salt until your beans are cooked as salt during cooking can sometimes ‘harden’ the beans a little.

Original recipe from here.


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