Weight Loss

A friend emailed me asking me about a diet she saw on Pinterest.  Basically, the diet was to eat a small amount of food/ calories for 3 days and then you’d supposedly have lost 10 pounds just in that 3 day time.  I emailed her back the following response.  I thought I’d just copy and paste it here also.  The diet included some unhealthy things like a hot dog, saltine crackers, cottage cheese, coffee (if desired), and vanilla icecream.  But to be fair, it did also include a little bit of vegetables each day also).  Here’s what I told her…

Eh, no bueno in my opinion.  Here’s why:

-I can almost guarantee that any weight loss will definitely come right back on (within days) because you will be starving to eat (of course, this is your body’s natural hunger kicking in).  All the calories you did not consume in those 3 days will be consumed over the next 3 days, plus some for most people.

-There’s a difference between eating healthy (supplying the body with necessary nutrients for good energy levels, disease prevention, bone and muscle building, etc) and eating certain things to lose weight only (hot dogs are one of the most unhealthy foods ever, they are not good for your body at all!)  The icecream (even if you buy only an organic “natural” one has tons of sugar in it.  Dr. Mercola has an article where he lists out 70 dangers of sugar, it’s a major immune system depressor).  The goal of a diet should be to make you healthier, not weight loss only.  Which, a healthy diet does help you lose weight.  But a diet that’s not very healthy for you but makes your body lose weight is just that… not healthy!

-Willpower.  This is a valid issue that a lot of people dismiss.  I tell you, I have more self-discipline than ever, and even I would be eating heavy for 3 days after a diet like that.  I may have the willpower to complete the 3 days, but the next few days after that would not be pretty!

-In our house, we focus on wholesome, nutritious foods.  We make most everything homemade.  We don’t do sugar, we only use natural sweeteners like honey, real maple syrup, agave nectar, etc.  We throw in extra veggies everywhere we can.  We don’t eat processed foods that contain hydrogenated oils (majorly bad for weight loss goals!), high fructose corn syrup, or other artificial additives/ preservatives.  We focus on eating the foods God gave us, not the ones a factory made by concocting all kinds of chemicals.  We use coconut oil on everything.  We drink tons of water.  We don’t do dairy (unless we spurge every now and then).  This kind of diet keeps us trim (although I still have some baby weight to lose!) and keeps us strong and healthy.  We really hardly ever get sick, our immune systems are strong.  Because we don’t put junk into our bodies.

If I were wanting to lose some weight, I would do the following…
-Do a fast one day a week, every week  (fasting is REALLY healthy and gives your body a chance to detox as well as eliminating a days worth of calories each week)
-Drink tons of water
-Exercise 30 minutes a day, most days
-Avoid hydrogenated (and partially hydrogenated) oils like the plague
-Avoid high fructose corn syrup like the plague
-Do enemas
-And then also (I’m currently doing this one for the third time this year), do NO sugar for a month.  Just cut it out!  Only natural sweeteners in homemade goodies!  Surely that month you’ll drop some weight!

Your body is made to need food!  Eating hardly anything is pretty much just torture.  Food is a blessing, we can enjoy it!  But we have to eat like God intended!  Fasting is a Biblical principle that is healthy, eating low-calorie hotdogs isn’t!

Great question!  Thanks for asking me!


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