Back to the Basics

I am by NO means fully qualified to answer the following questions in depth and chase all the rabbit trails that come along with these questions.  My answers here are good for children and maybe some basic understanding, but adults must study more on their own to really understand the weightier points on these subjects.  If you’ve ever wondered some of this stuff, I highly encourage you to get plugged in with Answers in Genesis, Creation Today, or Living Waters.  If you search for answers, you’ll find them!

Why are there different “races” of people?  There aren’t.  There’s only one race, the human race.  Adam and Eve probably had a medium-brown skin tone (some color of brown on the spectrum of colors).  After the Tower of Babel, people scattered and lived in different climates/ areas etc.  Breeding became more and more specific and different shapes of eyes, colors of hair, colors of skin developed.  But we all still have two eyes, hair, and skin- just varying shades of brown skin.  God is no respector of persons, He doesn’t prefer one “race” over another, we’re all made in His image and are fearfully and wonderfully made.  There are different ethnicities/ varieties of distinguishable characteriestics, but only one race- the human race.  We all came from one family- Adam & Eve, and then Noah’s family (since they were the only ones alive after the flood).

How did Noah and his family really survive on an ark for a year?  Even though the actual rainfall (and water gushing out from the ground also) was for only 40 days, they had to wait for dry land to appear before exiting the ark.  Noah was an intelligent man, imagine how smart you’d be if you were 600 years old!  You’ve had 600 years to learn things!  The ark was MASSIVE and loaded with all the supplies they needed. Plenty of  food for the animals, food for the people, tools, technology, and so much more.  All of the animals (even long-necked, tall ones) could easily fit in the ark of that size.  It wasn’t a little bathtub-type boat like you see in all the children’s “Noah and the Ark” pictures.  It was a massive ocean liner.
The door of the ark stayed open for anyone who wanted to enter in and be saved, but only Noah’s family chose to enter.  The door to salvation through Jesus is still open also, but one day that door will also close.  Get in while you can!

Why hasn’t Noah’s Ark been discovered?  Think about it, eight people get off the ark to a whole different world.  They would have needed the wood to start building things, to make fires, to have homes.  And if by chance that actually didn’t happen, wood does deteriorate over time so of course wood can’t survive for some 4400+ years for us to find today.

What/ Why is Nakedness?
Don’t you find it interesting that the first realization after Adam and Eve’s first sin was that they were naked.  God wrote things on our conscience… we know stealing is wrong, we know murdering is wrong, and we’d never go out in public naked!  Even the most remote tribal people have a conscience, God gave it to them, it’s written on their hearts!
I like how Jim Bob Duggar has said… “clothes are just a frame to draw people to our countenance.”  They are not meant to accentuate our bodies or make us look “hot.”  They are there for a covering.  The more important thing for people to see is your heart, your character, your love for God, not your skin and body curves.
I find it interesting that many times throughout the Bible, nakedness is referred to as a shame.  It’s been shameful to be found naked, it’s been a curse, and an embarrassment.
Yet, what we find today is that it’s trendy to be half-naked in public.  It’s encouraged and sought after.  Young girls at the age of 7 are looking to the teens, who are looking to Hollywood to tell them what the hippest way to dress is.  The shorter the better, the more low-cut the cuter, the more revealing, the better, competition is on.
Clothes are a covering, so let them cover!  Nakedness is a curse, don’t try and be partially cursed!
Isaiah 47:2-3   “make bare the leg, uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers.  Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea, thy shame shall be seen”

Why would a loving God wipe out all but 8 people with a massive world-wide flood?  Why would a loving God burn up two whole cities?  Why would God allow so much evil in this world?
God wanted, and still wants, to wipe out sin.  God hates sin.  God hates evil.  And God is a God of justice.  Satan does exist and his mission is to destroy us.  Not only that, but God didn’t want to create robots, He wanted to create people who could CHOOSE Him and choose righteousness.  Problem is, we failed miserably.  We chose sin instead of God.  The world turned into a place full of wickedness and evil.  God’s wrath was poured out by a flood in Noah’s day and by fire on Sodom and Gomorrah, and many other instances.  Would a good judge let you go free if you had brutally raped and murdered your neighbor?  No way!  A good judge would make you pay for the crime.  Justice has to be served.

Blood has to be offered for sin.  After the first sin in the Garden of Eden, the first blood sacrifice was offered.

From the beginning of time God had a greater plan.  Instead of continuing animal sacrifices, God said that one final blood sacrifice would do it- it would cover all sins.  His plan was an awesome one… to send His one and only Son to actually come and dwell on this earth.  I tell you, I wouldn’t even give up my first-born to suffer and die for some wicked heathens who don’t deserve grace.  But out of immense love, God did it, He allowed Jesus to be rejected and brutally murdered so that all of us who can’t live up to His righteous standards can still enter into the gates of Heaven.  Jesus’ blood was spilled out… for you, for everyone.  Problem is, so many people would rather live unto themselves than actually submit to the fact that God made them, God made the whole earth, God is in charge, He’s the King of Everything.  If you’re not willing to admit that, then Jesus’ blood doesn’t cover your sins, you’re on your own to have justice handed over to you.  You think Old Testament accounts of God’s wrath were scary?  The ultimate justice is going to be even scarier… it will last for all eternity and never ever end.  Hopefully you’ll choose Heaven over Hell by choosing to submit to God and obey His Words in the Bible!

Why is there pain and suffering?
This is a loaded question, no doubt.  Many books have been written on the topic.  Our world is messed up.  It’s not the paradise God originally created.  Once Adam and Eve ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, well… they now knew evil.  Evil entered the world forever.  Along with evil comes pain and suffering in this imperfect world.  That first sin started a cycle of deterioration… our bodies get sick, our heart gets weak upon aging, weeds choke out plants for our food source, cancer, fighting, and ultimately death.  God gave us the freedom to choose and because we chose sin, His perfect Creation was now imperfect.  We now have thorns, thistles, disease, and suffering.  But God has created Heaven, the ultimate dwelling place for Christians, where there will be no more pain, no more suffering, His plan for us is beyond incredible!  For more in-depth info on this topic, click on over to Darren’s post.

What’s the danger in teaching evolution?
Anytime you hear “Millions of years ago…” you know you’re being taught evolution.  The Bible teaches that the Earth is 6,000- 10,000 years old, that’s really young!  Millions and billions of years is absurd!  If evolution is true, then the Bible is a lie.  You can’t have it both ways.  God clearly says in the book of Genesis that he made the earth in six 24-hour days and then He gives genealogies to follow so we can know how many years ago God created all things.  It’s amazing actually.

Evolution is dangerous because if God didn’t create your special child, they are not a unique (fearfully and wonderfully made) creature of God anymore.  They are a product of primordial soup that randomly became a fish, then an ape-like creature, and then finally your child.  What purpose they have in life!  Geesh.  Evolution is the biggest lie ever told.  From evolution comes racism (‘whites’ thinking they are ‘more evolved’ than ‘blacks’- this is why Hitler murdered millions of people- he wanted to speed along the process of evolution- to better his ‘superior race’).  Same thing with abortion (the founder of Planned Parenthood wanted to exterminate the ‘black race’ for the ‘betterment of our species.’  She figured if she could get ‘blacks’ to murder their babies, she would be helping evolution along.  Disgusting!  It’s time that darker skinned people realize what Planned Parenthood is doing to their babies.  Planned Parenthood strategically sets up shop in minority neighborhoods/ areas, they do this for a reason).

Evolution is the most dangerous lie ever told!  Don’t let your children believe it for a second!  And if they ever get books from the library or go to public or private school, they’re hearing evolution all right.  The youngest children’s books often start out “Millions of years ago…”   Evolutionists are setting the ground work for brainwashing your children from an early age.

Read “A is for Adam” and some of the other children’s books listed below over and over and over again with your children to build a foundation of Biblical values.

What does the book of Revelation and other verses on end-times teach?
A lot of people know all about Jesus and the Garden of Eden and Noah.  But the book of Revelation?… lesser known.  Yet, this is where we can find out what the future of man will be like!  I like how Dr. Hovind has put it… “This world is full of sin and wickedness, but I’ve read the end of the story, I know who wins!”

After Jesus died on the cross, He rose and was ALIVE just three days later.  He then lived on the earth for 40 more days teaching.  Then He ascended up to Heaven to be at the right hand of the Father.  Well guess what, God’s going to send Him back down here one more time (the 2nd coming) to gather up His own (those who have been saved, those whose God is the Lord).  Christians have the ULTIMATE hope!  We get to live in the most glorious place with the most glorious God!!  No pain, no suffering, no evil, God’s plan will be completed.

Why is the Bible the most important book of all time?  I whole-heartedly believe that God Himself made sure those specific words, of Him and His people, got written down so we can see and know them in 2012.  The Bible is GOD’S WORDS.  Whoa!  It’s the only book ever made by God Himself, all other books are the works of humans.  God supernaturally gave us the Bible.  If that doesn’t blow you away, I don’t know what will.  Better go find out what He’s said…

A Great List of Children’s Books that Discuss Genesis and God’s Plan for the World:
A is for Adam by Ken and Mally Ham (Every family should have a copy of this book!!)
The True Story of Noah’s Ark by Tom Dooley (middle page folds out to show a massive, beautiful picture of inside the ark, incredible illustrations in this book!)
Noah’s Floating Animal Park by Janine Suter (The illustrations aren’t my favorite, but the rhymes are good, fun, and easy to follow).
The Day the World Went Wacky by Janine Suter (The illustrations aren’t my favorite, but the rhymes are good, fun, and easy to follow).
The Not So Super Skyscraper by Janine Suter  (The illustrations aren’t my favorite, but the rhymes are good, fun, and easy to follow).

Quotes from Above Books:
“So next time your molar is giving you pain, Or your bike gets a flat and you’re caught in the rain, Remember why we’re in the mess that we’re in- The world has gone wacky because of this sin.”  (The Day the World Went Wacky)

“Then God told a riddle right there to the snake, Describing how one day this sin He would break.  ‘I’m sending a person to crush in your head, But first you will bite on His foot,’ the Lord said.”  (The Day the World Went Wacky)

“If your skin is dark brown or you’re blond as can be, If you live in the desert or down by the sea, Everyone living on this ball in space, Is really one family, and only one race.”  (The Not So Super Skyscraper!)

“B is for Bible, a book God did give, To tell where we came from and how we should live.  We did not evolve, God made it so plain, People are people, we stay just the same.”  (A is for Adam)

“K is for Knew; Adam saw he was bare.  Both he and his wife no clothes they did wear.  They sewed up some fig leaves, and then tried to hide, As they suddenly realized the Devil had lied.”  (A is for Adam)


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